Do you plan to dine out? Healthier choices

Eating out with friends or family does not have to become an impossible just because you’ve decided to take care of your food. Instead discover a world full of options that you had overlooked before, in us we give some of them:

eat healthy food

Have you started a diet or simply are tired of complaining against the mirror and want to do a little more for you and your health. Okay, we congratulate you! But if you think you will not hold the first exit to eat, know that there are plenty of options, just about making the right decisions.

First the type of restaurant you choose is important, but should not be a determining factor. That is, if the option is Italian food, you need not fill you with calories. In these places you can order a meat or carpaccio fish, a Neapolitan eggplant, arugula salad and fresh ingredients, and even share half pizza with someone.

If the output is a oriental, sushi is definitely the healthier option, with varied salads like wakame and light dishes like sashimi. In most good Chinese or Thai dishes to choose to the wok and requests that it be with very little oil, opt for steamed things and avoid rice casseroles and full of fat and unnecessary calories.

In Mediterranean restaurants, and in general, wherever you go, you’ll find grilled options, meat or fish, salads, steamed vegetables, that it should not be boring or tasteless. Everything will depend on the way in which have been seasoned, but the trick is always to try. If the dish has been prepared with fresh ingredients taste will always surprise you.

Believe in yourself, bet on your willpower, enjoying the moment with friends and loved ones and learn to feed yourself benefiting your body.

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