Senegalese Restaurant in Milan

Finding exciting new places to dine can be tricky, but for those in the Milan area of northern Italy it’s just become a whole lot easier. African ethnic style dishes have been enjoying a massive surge in popularity all over the world, and Italy is at the forefront of the trend. Maybe you wouldn’t expect to find a Senegalese Restaurant In Milan And Hinterland, but in Sesto San Giovanni right at the northern end of the city’s M1 Metro line Culture Connect is a hidden treasure.

CousCous au poulet

Culture Connect offers authentic Senegalese cuisine in a cool, friendly setting in this bustling cosmopolitan town. Sesto San Giovanni is commonly known simply as ‘Sixth’ and the Lombardy community prides itself on its multiculturalism and diversity. It’s the perfect setting for Culture Connect, and you’ll find locals as well as tourists enjoying the ambiance and sensational food from Monday to Saturday. The restaurant is closed on Sunday which is unfortunate, but that’s normal for this area of Lombardy. Continue reading “Senegalese Restaurant in Milan”

Adriatic Luxury at the Bacco Restaurant

The Adriatic Sea is a popular holiday destination, especially during the summer time. By the waters of the Adriatic have passed some of the cultures most rich and famous, and some of which more weight have had to develop a social structure and customs common to all human beings, but, above all, for the Europeans.

Bacco Restaurant

Many aspects are still to be found as a legacy of cultures as old as Greek or Roman, but among them, still presents the cuisine. Fish dishes and rice dishes, vegetables and local fruits, pasta, and even the famous olive oil, were utilized and valued by the people who went through the Adriatic. Continue reading “Adriatic Luxury at the Bacco Restaurant”

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Eat in Bari: Le Giare restaurant

Puglia, home of gastronomic biodiversity thanks to the wide range of raw materials available. And then, if we are in the capital, Bari, where we can eat? What we propose today is a restaurant among the best in town, Le Giare. Located underneath the hotel Rondo, in course Alcide De Gasperi 308 F, the young restaurant is run by a “Florentine in Bari”, Massimo Lanini, and in the kitchen there is Antonio Pulini, young chef of 34 years.

Le Giare

The environment is sophisticated but not stuffy, the atmosphere is friendly and the welcome will be given by the Florentine Maximum will make you feel at home. The dishes using fresh and local ingredients, processed with the creativity of the chef. On their website to find some examples of scope, but their menu is constantly changing and is inspired by seasonal produce. Continue reading “Eat in Bari: Le Giare restaurant”

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Three ethnic restaurants in Monaco of Bavaria

The Germans like to eat, and one of the reasons why they love coming to Italy, that most of Greece and Spain, can offer a variety of dishes and drinks, to turn every holiday into a new treasure hunt. So it is not so strange that in Monaco of Bavaria, in addition to the cellars transformed into risto-pub, and Italian restaurants and pizzerias, is so easy to find an ethnic restaurant.

ethnic restaurants in Monaco

O Castelo, a small but quaint location near Ostbahnhofs, offers Portuguese cuisine, as well as pasta and pizza, to avoid, to exempt from having to make comparisons. Better to focus on cod and fish dishes and grilled meats.
Address: Trausnitzstrasse 17, metro station Ostbahnhofs. Continue reading “Three ethnic restaurants in Monaco of Bavaria”

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Restaurant Il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio

The restaurant Il Gatto Nero is a quaint, pleasant and very romantic, with beautiful views of the hills surrounding the lake with its beautiful garden and terrace for summer eating.

restaurant Il Gatto Nero

The excellent menu, from starters to dessert, really ‘mouth-watering’, with excellent food as refined, tasty, with good presentations and nothing to do with the micro portions of nouvelle cuisine. Very romantic atmosphere, even if not necessarily used as a candle-lit dinners, also ideal for a moment between friends. Breathtaking views, with the luck of being located next to the window. Veranda excellent for smokers, to give that pleasure in addition at the end of the meal. Continue reading “Restaurant Il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio”

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Cracco Peck restaurant in Milan

The Cracco Peck restaurant is a modern, elegant, with underground rooms and luxurious sober, well-spaced tables and a relaxed and quiet. The interiors, fully renovated and expanded, have been entrusted to the study of the Beretta architects that have made a refined and comfortable environment, made more precious by cherry paneling covers the walls.

Cracco Peck restaurant

The kitchen, directed and guided by chef Carlo Cracco, revisits the traditional cuisine of Milan, and not only that, presenting it in a contemporary style, combining the flavors and playing on contrasts. Continue reading “Cracco Peck restaurant in Milan”

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Restaurant Diana in Bologna

The Restaurant Diana, open in 1930 and located in the city center, is a classic and welcoming atmosphere and decor reminiscent of the fifties and also has outdoor seating for dining in summer.

Restaurant Diana

It proposes a kitchen petronian, but also open to the best of other cuisines, simple and accurate in every detail of taste and flavor. The appetizers of the restaurant include a selection of the best local meats and fresh and aged cheeses, also inviting proposals based on vegetables and fresh fish. Continue reading “Restaurant Diana in Bologna”

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La Madia restaurant in Licata

The Restaurant La Madia, located in the historic center Licata, and a good environment, welcoming atmosphere, characterized by an elegant room with trompe l’oeil on the walls.

Restaurant La Madia

The cuisine is creative and mainly of sea, who wants to enhance and observe the true flavors and products of Sicily. All commodities have a season, not only fruit and vegetables but also meat and especially fish. Exaltation of the flavors in great harmony, illustration of comprehensive dishes without any leniency to pomposity, sober but elegant presentation and impact, respect and appreciation of the culture of the territory. Continue reading “La Madia restaurant in Licata”

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Restaurant Al Faro in Naples

At The Al Faro Restaurant, founded in 1967 and located in the city’s most exclusive residential area, is a rustic, very warm and cozy, with a comfortable lounge with a fireplace and also has a beautiful terrace with panoramic sea view.

Al Faro Restaurant

Location in the renovated in 2012, customers can taste the best Mediterranean dishes prepared by highly esteemed chef: Claudio Capasso, the classic Neapolitan cuisine and typical tradition lovers; Gaetano Quattrone, chef who served the Court of Prince Caracciolo over 12 years and offers its expertise and experience to the revisiting of the kitchen, coupled with spectacular dishes for the most refined palates. Continue reading “Restaurant Al Faro in Naples”

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Restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence

Restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri

The Restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri, located in a palace near the Piazza della Signoria, is a unique, elegant, refined, impeccable service, also has a garden and terrace for dining in summer. It affects the refinement and simplicity of the staff. You feel comfortable in a great environment that you think do not do it for you. Excellent cuisine, professionalism and superb hospitality. Continue reading “Restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence”

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