Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd

Do you love American pancakes? So do not cheat yourself for a visit at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd.

American pancakes

In a cozy atmosphere you will find here the most delicious pancakes. Apart from the regular pancakes with butter and syrup have instead some really exciting and different pancakes.

If you are four persons, so you can easily just order two pancakes. It is huge and saturates the whole game. Continue reading “Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd”

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Restaurant Tapeo 29 in New York

restaurant tapeo 29

Tapeo 29, small bar-restaurant with all-wood interior, located at no. 29 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, intimate and definitely lends itself to a nice dinner in the company of your you/your him, especially on weekdays, when the area is quieter and up to 9 will not have problems of overcrowding.

Thing it never hurts, the prices are not excessive: you can order of 10-15 dollars for a tapa, and the same for a glass of good wine. Continue reading “Restaurant Tapeo 29 in New York”

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Eating well in New York: Le Bernardin and Masa

The people of New York love to eat well, and certainly lacks the alternatives, given that there are approximately 4,000 restaurants across the city. If these are looking for something very good, at least according to international criticism, here are two good choices.

Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin, 155 W. 51st Street: four stars (the maximum) recognized by the New York Times and three stars by Michelin Guide. With this curriculum appears the Le Bernardin, historic restaurant near Times Square for 20 years that offers French cuisine and seafood specialties.

The prices, given the reputation, are not exorbitant: for those who chose the three course menu, start from $66 each. But be careful fashion items for men’s jacket is a must. On the site of the restaurant, you can admire a beautiful gallery, menus, and … book a table! Continue reading “Eating well in New York: Le Bernardin and Masa”

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Restaurants in New York: Freemans

In the middle of the Lower East Side of New York, here is the way Freemans Restaurant, unknown to tourists but very popular with the locals, who enjoy the casual atmosphere and good food.

Freemans Restaurant

Intent of the founders was to recreate the atmosphere of “colonial” of the nineteenth century, with rustic kitchen, simple and inspired by the traditions of the old world is no accident that the house specialties is the brunch with typical products of the countryside of upstate New York, with plus a reserve of good Italian wine, French and local. Continue reading “Restaurants in New York: Freemans”

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New York: Alma Restaurant

New York is not just Manhattan, but for those visiting the city for the first time this is a hard thing to believe: the lights, the shops and the Manhattan skyline monopolize the attention of all visitors.

Alma Restaurant

Well, to convince the city that goes beyond Mannahattan – so that the natives called the island – you can try a dinner at Alma Restaurant, a small Brooklyn restaurant. Continue reading “New York: Alma Restaurant”

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The “old” New York: Historic Restaurants

New York: already the name evokes novelty, innovation and continuous renewal… and if you want to discover something that’s there, Manhattan and surrounding areas, from a century or two? Here are some businesses that “resist” (or rather, they are successful) for generations, and that is worth visiting! We start this little series of posts with the restaurants and the like.

Oak Room

A must is the Oak Room, the restaurant of the famous Plaza Hotel, corner of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue: Here, from 1907, you can dine in a truly unique atmosphere, and prices are surprisingly affordable. Or you can opt for a dinner at 21 Club, which takes breccia from 1929 in two steps from Broadway. Here, too, like the Oak Room, all things considered affordable prices ($20 a plate), but stricter dress code: jacket and tie compulsory for men, banned sneakers and jeans for both sexes! Continue reading “The “old” New York: Historic Restaurants”

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