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‘Abrassame’ with excellent food in the heights of Barcelona

Located in a charming setting (in the dome of the old bullring Las Arenas in Barcelona, ​​now converted into a shopping center) and with a cuisine as delicious as infinite, presents the Abrassame restaurant, a luxury for the senses and a ‘off-road’ to suit any occasion.

abrassame restaurant

Ensure you a wonderful romantic evening on its beautiful terrace overlooking the Plaza de Espaaa in Barcelona, ​​will ensure an intimate and quiet dinner in their wine area, they will provide a perfect business meeting if you rent one of their private rooms and you can enjoy a unique family meal within its spacious interior room. Continue reading “‘Abrassame’ with excellent food in the heights of Barcelona”

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ShaMadi: luxury and macrobiotic cuisine

The lack of contact with the natural food and the loss of the relationship between man and the food has made in recent years, it has sought to create new links. Food is not just food, but it is also a time to enjoy and share, and also the different foods can contribute much to the health and well being.

ShaMadi Restaurant

One of the latest trends in food, which is imported from Asia, is macrobiotic food. The macrobiotic cooking is a way of life, and a type of power that must be followed each day as a way to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but also happier. Now, the macrobiotic cuisine comes to restoration, in the form of a fancy restaurant. Continue reading “ShaMadi: luxury and macrobiotic cuisine”

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Restaurant La Dorada

The weekends are overrun with families, during the business week and varied clientele. In ship cabins, with a more nautical atmosphere this restaurant appeals to all based on excellent seafood fresh from the port.

Restaurant La Dorada

A classic of the fine Andalusian food on the coast. The selection of the quality of the raw material and its good treatment in the kitchen is something that only professionalism and good work of masters can successfully consummate. Continue reading “Restaurant La Dorada”

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Restaurant El Callejon

One of the most picturesque restaurants in Spain, something more than a restaurant. The diner will find immersed in a museum packed with bullfighting motifs, including bulls, bullfighters and general ambience that really surprises the visitor.

El Callejon

It is impossible to describe the myriad details that open the eyes in the many rooms and corners of the El Callejon restaurant. Lovers and bullfighting fans should not miss. Continue reading “Restaurant El Callejon”

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Gourmet Hamburger of kobe beef

As always we like to recommend places and corners with some charm. Distinctive touches that are out of the ordinary and those give our taste buds and sense a pleasant flavor and taste for good food.

Baby Grill restaurant

At number 11 Calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza in Madrid is the Baby Grill restaurant, Rubaiyat space dedicated to tapas and dishes. A place of the benchmark capital in grilled meats that extends its succulent dishes with a new hamburger. The Rubaiyat hamburger is a reinterpretation of the American classic in the Brazilian style of Rubaiyat. Continue reading “Gourmet Hamburger of kobe beef”

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Attic, a overlooking restaurant

If you’re considering a charming place with a view, and with a touch of romanticism, we recommends Attic, a delight for the senses.

Attic restaurant

In the heart of the Ramblas of Barcelona stands the Attic restaurant. Situated on the first floor which was years ago Sepu department stores, is one of the most attractive places of the mythical Ramblas of Barcelona.

Designed by architect Dani Freixes, Attic is surely a treat for the senses. Cutting-edge design, cuisine, affordable prices and a terrace with views … Stunning! Continue reading “Attic, a overlooking restaurant”

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Evo restaurant

If through the food can reach the sky, from the restaurant Evo is easier if anything. And not only for its cuisine, but because it is located at the top of the Hotel Hesperia Tower in Barcelona, specifically on the 29th floor. Now, the restaurant has launched a new offer for those looking to quickly enjoy the bar and some of their dishes.

Evo restaurant

If someone speaks of a circular restaurant located on top of a 26-story building with domed roof glazed, possibly not imagine that you are talking about the set of a movie. However, it is real and not so far: it is the Evo restaurant, located on top of Hotel Hesperia Tower in Barcelona, supervised by the restaurant Can Fabes, created by Chef Santi Santamaria, winner of three Michelin stars. Continue reading “Evo restaurant”

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Restaurant Lah! For Asian food lovers

A restaurant in Madrid, Lah!. A new place that specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine. Surprising for its interiors and the food, which seems to be is exquisite.

Restaurant Lah

Lah! It is a restaurant that is sure not to leave anyone indifferent. Its menu brings the best of the cuisine of Southeast Asia, and a pioneer, makes use of technology more advanced to provide an ‘unexpected’ experience for the customer.

Also the decor and the unique style that wraps around the restaurant, takes us back to this part of Asia, where tradition meets modernity. Continue reading “Restaurant Lah! For Asian food lovers”

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Murmuri restaurant: thai innovation

The Murmuri Restaurant of Barcelona offers one of the best gastronomic offers Asian-Mediterranean fusion of the old city, with a selection of original and delicious dishes.

Murmuri Restaurant

Located on Rambla Catalunya, in the center of Barcelona, is an option
highly recommended for lunch, have a lunch menu for only 16.00 euros, with starter, main course and dessert, water, wine and coffee included; and as for dinner, with the evening menu, Sunday through Thursday, from 18. Of course, with a menu to be found in some of the most succulent thai dishes, giving options for all tastes and budgets. Continue reading “Murmuri restaurant: thai innovation”

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MasQMenos Restaurant

MasQMenos, a restaurant-cafeteria belonging to Cacheiro Restaurants. Cozy, with a lovely decoration but especially with irresistible dishes.

MasQMenos Restaurant

A place both for breakfast and snack; the appetizer; or for lunch or dinner. That just want a quick snack, you can do it in the same bar. If you fancy having a good time with friends or with your family, relax in one of the tables sitting in comfortable chairs and prepare your palate for a variety of flavors.

MasQMenos hosts high-quality products and very varied, with rations of cold cuts, cheeses, wines, preserves, attractive salads and sandwiches based artisan breads with Iberian ham of great flavor from Salamanca. Continue reading “MasQMenos Restaurant”

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