Kuo: The Japanese view of a tavern

There is a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona whose business card cheats more than one…

Kuo restaurant

And if you read Kuo – Japanese Taberna it most likely will not come to mind a picture like this above. But this way it is Kuo, a different proposal. Not only in terms of restoration and in general, but in terms of Japanese food in general.

Located opposite the Galvany market in Sant Gervasi, Kuo is really less like a tavern than you can imagine. It is an idyllic place where the food and atmosphere go hand in hand. A tavern is dark, but in Kuo have a dim light and a master sushi, the work of Japanese chef’s Haginoya Naoyuki and his team. And that is the Japanese tavern concept is definitely something more elegant and quiet of what it is for us… Continue reading “Kuo: The Japanese view of a tavern”

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Restaurant in the waterfalls at Villa Escudero, Philippines

Eating from the falls? Eating from the falls? A dream comes true, especially these days. Well, in the Philippines is reality.

Restaurant in Villa Escudero

The restaurant is located in Villa Escudero, a coconut plantation and sugar cane since 1981 can also be visited by tourists with the opportunity to stay and dine in a setting very original. Tropical climate, natural gardens and, above all, falls directly within meters from you. Continue reading “Restaurant in the waterfalls at Villa Escudero, Philippines”

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Where to eat in Kathmandu-Thamel

If you are in Thamel, the tourist area par excellence of Kathmandu, you’ll soon realize that the neighborhood is an infinite set of narrow streets, restaurants, shops and hotels certainly similar. Choose a place to eat in front of such a large number of restaurants, can be a difficult choice, especially if most of them offers the same menu with pretty crappy money. Here are some tips to deal with them:

Sandwich Point

Where to eat
Breakfast: Sandwich Point in Thamel Chowk. Order a medium cheese sandwich with ham and yaks.

Lunch: For an authentic Chinese (as authentic by discovering that cantonese rice, sweet and sour chicken and soy noodles do not have the same flavor) go from Shanghai Fast Food, a small restaurant opposite the Hotel Utse. The menu is four pages with an English translation really hilarious. Since the staff speaks only Chinese and Nepalese. We do not recommend ordering more than two courses as the amount of food for each order is gargantuan. Do not you dwell on the color of the walls, windows and lanterns, eat, and paid out satisfied. Continue reading “Where to eat in Kathmandu-Thamel”

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Thailand: lunch the restaurant at 5 meters of height

Do you not want to break off a bit ‘from everything and everyone? The job stresses you out? Would you like to stay at least an hour away from everything and everyone? Here is a proposal (in some ways a bit ‘excessive, eh …) perfect for you: eat five meters in height.

Soneva Kiri

All this takes place in the resort of Soneva Kiri in Thailand, where there is a restaurant literally “air”. Tables arranged in trees, strictly for a few people each, with waitresses who will reach to order and to bring you drinks. For the rest of the time, you’re just you, alone, or who want to have as a company. Continue reading “Thailand: lunch the restaurant at 5 meters of height”

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Restaurants by Guinness: the smallest and the largest in the world

When it comes to eating many try to escape the niche a little ‘out of hand or little known. But if you are looking for a gastronomic experience sui generis, at least once it is worth stepping into a restaurant by the Guinness Book of records.

Solo per due restaurant

In Italy we have restaurant by Guinness, is called Solo per due or just for two and is in Vacone near Rome, also here you will find a table. This place has become famous throughout the world, perhaps also because having regard to its structure, you are sure that there will be unnerving expectations and the waiters will not be distracted by other customers. And ‘the perfect address for Valentine’s Day, do not you think? If by chance you do not find the place, try to Peperino of San Miniato (Pisa), even here there is only one table for two and a waiter to call a bell, as the noble than once. Continue reading “Restaurants by Guinness: the smallest and the largest in the world”

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