How can I substitute cow’s milk?

If you’ve been looking for ways to substitute cow’s milk and its derivatives in your diet, you’ve come to the right place.

Milk was always part of my daily diet. I drank it alone, in smoothies, or with my beloved morning coffee.

A few years ago I began to have problems digesting lactose and drinking milk makes me feel bad, so I decided to investigate alternatives and substitutes to continue with my eating habits.

plant milks

According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), an estimated 68% of the world’s population has trouble digesting lactose normally.

These data motivated me to write this article to teach how to substitute cow’s milk in your diet. I have included information on derivatives such as yogurt and cheese, but first I will tell you about the substitute for the main source of lactose. Continue reading “How can I substitute cow’s milk?”

How to Keep Things as Comfortable as Possible for Your Patrons and Employees in Coronavirus Times

The pandemic has put everyone’s nerves to the test, and it seems like the situation isn’t going to die down anytime soon. This means that we must all put some effort into adapting to what’s happening, and we must show a bit more understanding towards our fellow humans. A few types of businesses have found themselves in the middle of the crossfire – restaurants perhaps being one of the most striking examples. If you’re running a food place, you’ll definitely need to put some extra thought and effort into ensuring that things remain calm.

Employees in Coronavirus Times

Enforce the Rules When You Have To

Various new rules have arrived to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to dealing with the virus. Some of those rules are up to individual businesses to enforce, and it’s important that you understand them and the implications as a restaurant owner. Make sure that you are aware of these requirements, and don’t be afraid to step in when a customer is acting out of line. Sometimes people need a good reminder that they’re misbehaving, and a figure of authority might be just what they need to see that point. Continue reading “How to Keep Things as Comfortable as Possible for Your Patrons and Employees in Coronavirus Times”

Turn some chopsticks into a very easy to use utensil to eat

We want to show you three tricks to turn some chopsticks into a very easy-to-use utensil for eating, since you don’t always control the two chopsticks with your fingers when comes to taking food with them. For children it can be a solution when they start using chopsticks to eat, and for many adults too.

tricks for chopsticks

When you have tried to actively and passively use Chinese chopsticks to eat and it is not achieved, if you do not want to use their traditional cutlery, you can use the chopsticks that are joined by the top and act as if they were a pair of tweezers. Although you can also do something with the classic chopsticks to turn them into tweezers and not have the need to buy some special chopsticks. There are several tricks to turn some chopsticks into tweezers easy to use to eat sushi, noodles, sauteed vegetables and meat, fish… Continue reading “Turn some chopsticks into a very easy to use utensil to eat”

How to bake two pizzas on a single tray

Only one standard-sized pizza fits on a baking sheet or oven rack, but sometimes you have to make several pizzas at the same time for all the diners to take it freshly made. Today we tell you a trick to be able to put two pizzas at once in a tray, this happens by cutting them in half and placing the straight part parallel to the edges of the tray, and the rounded parts will remain inside.

made pizza

It is possible that this weekend at the table of many homes pizzas are served for dinner, because this appreciated way to enjoy an informal meal, many families usually reserve it for Friday or Saturday nights, and also if they are organized dinner with friends. In these cases, it is very common to have to make several pizzas, and the problem is to be able to serve all at once freshly made, sometimes you have to juggle …

Needless to say, our recommendation to enjoy good pizzas with friends or family is to make them yourself, with this, in addition to eating pizzas made with the best ingredients and chosen to taste, being able to make the combinations that you most please, you can spend some time in the kitchen, sharing another activity with those who like to share time.

bake two pizzas

But we are aware that many people buy refrigerated or frozen pizzas that later only have to bake to be able to eat them, if not, they would not be in the market, and although we do not share this choice, we do want to share a trick that can serve you to bring several freshly made pizzas to the table, in the image above you can see how to bake two pizzas on a single tray, and using two trays, you can bake four pizzas at once.

And who says tray, says grid, because when it comes to baking precooked doughs it can be more interesting to make them more crispy. The trick is to cut the pre-cooked pizzas in half so that the parts that have been left with the straight cut, are placed in parallel with the edges of the tray, and the circular parts (the half circles) will be inside the tray.

Depending on the diameter of the pizzas and the size of the tray, this trick will be a solution to bake two pizzas at once or not, the truth is that there are several factors to consider, but the pizzas that are not very large should not give problems, at most, that are minimally mounted between them by the central part.

cutting round food

It is possible that this kitchen trick can be applied to other situations in which you need to get more out of the oven space, can you think of an example? And we also wondered what would have been the first idea of ​​cutting round food to get straight sides, baking the pizza or serving a bologna sandwich without it coming out of the bread, you can see the photo. What is your opinion?

How to treat a waiter to be well cared for

Knowing how to deal with a waiter, is part of the experience of going to a restaurant, provides good service and makes the stay a more pleasant one.

treat waiter

We all have gone to a restaurant sometimes, the frequency of our visits can be variable, as can the restaurant and the menu, but there is something that will never vary… and that is the presence of the waiter. These uniformed characters have the titanic task of serving hundreds of guests – of variable humor and education – with the best disposition and a broad smile, but do you know how to act to get better care?

The treatment that the customer gives to a waiter is essential at the time of having reciprocity – good attention – as it usually happens that, due to the speed of life, we forget the important function that these people fulfill in a restaurant. Continue reading “How to treat a waiter to be well cared for”

Tips for choosing a good catering service for wedding

The most important part of the wedding, at least for most of the guests, is the wedding reception. And it goes without saying that, a large percentage of success in events depends on prepared foods, so that, wedding food planning should be very well thought out.

good catering service for wedding

Yes, food will make your wedding a success or not. So, make this your priority. Remember that you are hosting the wedding not only to share with your guests the occasion of your union, but also you are giving a feast with the food. So, you must invest time and effort in planning the wedding food. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Continue reading “Tips for choosing a good catering service for wedding”

How to choose the fish

One of the meats more difficult to choose is the fish, as there are many details that take into account and we can buy it in poor condition without knowing that we do. Here an interesting and useful list of recommendations, advice and tips to choose a good fish.

tips for buying fish

Tips for buying fish
Buy fish can become a worthy work of an expert, but do not be discouraged that taking into account the following tips you can convert to a good buyer of fish if you become a scholar in the topic. So take note and read carefully.

  • Eyes: A fish in good condition should have bright eyes, should never have sunken and bulging eyes, these characteristics tells us that the fish is not fresh.
  • Texture: A fresh fish should be smooth. In this detail you must consider the type of fish because some fish are fresh although not smooth.
  • Continue reading “How to choose the fish”

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How to saute vegetables? 3 tips to achieve it

If you want to give a touch of flavor to your vegetables, for use as a side dish or as a base on your plate, you just need to consider these tips and within minutes you will have a delicious dish:

saute vegetables

  1. In a skillet, you can put a tablespoon of olive oil or butter, which should heated over low heat and wait until it is hot to pour your vegetables.
  2. Considers the cooking time of each vegetables – this is very important, you can cut the vegetables that takes more time in smaller pieces or thinner slices. Those who take less, you will have them to add at the end.
  3. Continue reading “How to saute vegetables? 3 tips to achieve it”

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6 essential attributes in a chef

There are components that are essential in the formation of a chef, first are theoretical and practical training, and then generate an attitude of service and responsibility. Yet only a few are able to stand out above the rest, and beyond that they have better skills is by the way they deal with the business, because once we have reached our peak we want to stay in it and show that no one can move us from our place. Here we share one of the world class chefs given 6 essential attributes that a chef must have:

essential attributes in a chef

Take the job seriously
We work on this because we like it, we love and fills us with joy. But we must not forget that the work entails a liability, and the idea is that we do as the saying of the chefs says: “Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today”. It is that we perform our work at high levels, with constant demand and supervision so that this way it is maintained. Continue reading “6 essential attributes in a chef”

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Keep your strawberries last longer

Few things are richer than fresh strawberries. The problem is that it spoil very fast, doesn’t it? Check these tips so that it last longer!

keep strawberries

So that your strawberries and, in general, all the fresh mulberries that you buy should last much more than normal follow this simple tip that we have for you.

Arrange the whole strawberries, including stem, in the clean sink with 1 part of white vinegar by 10 parts cold water. For example, if you use 2 cups of vinegar, you will have to use 20 cups of water. Allow to soak them for 5 minutes. Continue reading “Keep your strawberries last longer”

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