Mandabatmaz: Where drinking turkish coffee in Istanbul

Different countries, different coffee you can find. So if you are in Naples, you can go from Gambriuns to try the real Neapolitan coffee, once in Istanbul, to try the real turkish coffee, you can try Mandabatmaz.


What makes the turkish coffee is thick foam that covers the cup, “so thick that even a buffalo there sinks”. The restaurant is more “a hole in the wall” that a coffee; it is located on a narrow street where customers sit on small stools on either side of the road. For local to drink turkish coffee Mandabatmaz is a tradition that can be eaten after lunch or after dinner. And to repay, Mandabatmaz does not use that roasted coffee beans personally. Continue reading “Mandabatmaz: Where drinking turkish coffee in Istanbul”

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Three restaurants to eat between fish

Today, eating under the sea while you look at a marine world to your around it is not easy, but possible. Here are a total of three restaurants located around the whole world in which you can enjoy a very aquatic menu.

Ithaa Restaurant

Although many of you imagine that the idea will be a little surprising, it is true that in various places in the world we can find unimaginable things such as, for example, restaurants are located underwater, actually, under the sea.

One is Ithaa, and although we caught a little further, particularly in the Maldives islands, was the first underwater restaurant of the world. The restaurant is part of the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa and located about five meters below sea level. Continue reading “Three restaurants to eat between fish”

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Special restaurants for unique experiences

Here are five “special” restaurants; Join the most fashionable eating different!

The Car: Eating within a beetle is possible (the car, not the bug).

the car restaurant

It is located in Salzburg, it has the shape of a Volkswagen beetle and capacity for 100 people. This restaurant serves typical Italian food served in the front wheel, the engine or in any of its terraces area.

Ithaa: This restaurant is located in the Maldives and is the first underwater restaurant with a full glass dome. It is built in a coral reef over 4 meters deep under the Indian Ocean. It has a view of 270ª and can only accommodate 14 clients at the same time. It belongs to the Hilton chain and is located in a resort with spa and other activities in the area. Continue reading “Special restaurants for unique experiences”

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Taste underground: the Finnish Muru restaurant equip in a mine

Do you want to dine al fresco and not claustrophobic? This is a place for you. In Finland, near the city of Lohja, have recently opened a restaurant that makes it neat and serves its customers in an old mine. The waiters and chefs wear protective headgear, although new activity should not anticipate collapses or explosions.

Finnish Muru restaurant

In fact the one prepared by Muru restaurant in Helsinki is only a temporary experiment: the spaces of the old mine in Tytyri will therefore be the scenario of a pop-up gourmet, recent fashion to set up shops and bistros in unusual places. Continue reading “Taste underground: the Finnish Muru restaurant equip in a mine”

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Eat in Ljubljana: the exotic garden Shambala

Find a restaurant in Ljubljana, bright and pleasant capital of Slovenia, is not really difficult: in the center and along the river there are so many, of all kinds.


But if you want a particular place, outside from the zone but not in the periphery, near the triple bridge but without ever losing an eye on streets and buildings, urban but with garden and shade, here is the address for you: Krizevniska 12.

Here, you will find the Shambala, bars and exotic restaurants and decentralized. Its peace is unfortunately disturbed by a road a little too threatening, but the shade of the tall trees and the atmosphere created by meadows and bamboo plants will be able to make you forget any noise. Continue reading “Eat in Ljubljana: the exotic garden Shambala”

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Ryans Beggars Bush: Pub for all seasons in Dublin

A Dubino, among the many things to do, is also to take a ride to the area of Temple Bar, packed with local, so easy to get to get a beer in one of the many pubs that are in the area.

Ryans Beggars Bush

A pub which you do not run the risk (not yet at least) to be considered too touristy, the Ryans Beggars Bush, great for all seasons. In the summer with its outdoor tables (but time out from work, you fill fast), winter with its family atmosphere, small and traditional Irish pub.

In addition to the tradition, the strengths of the local, are price, definitely not touristy, and the staff service, fast and efficient, able to remember you, by the second lap. Continue reading “Ryans Beggars Bush: Pub for all seasons in Dublin”

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Tanuki Restaurant

If you want to eat Japanese cuisine without leaving Amstelveen, try the Japanese restaurant Tanuki. This restaurant is located in the Amstelveen Stadshart, in the commercial center of the city and worth visiting for its offer of Japanese cuisine at irresistible prices.

tanuki restaurant amstelveen

In the menu of the Tanuki restaurant you’ll find everything from sushi maki, nigiri or sashimi, passing by soups and meat prepared in the Japanese style and even Western dishes such as onion rings with ketchup or chicken nuggets. Continue reading “Tanuki Restaurant”

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The smaller restaurants in the world

Want to enjoy a romantic dinner in the company of your loved one and maybe surprise by booking the entire restaurant? There are some places where it is not that difficult (and especially expensive) make this small desire. And, surprise, all are in neighboring European countries.

Kuappi restaurant

There’s Solo per due in Vacone (Rieti) has only one table and two chairs, you should book at least one week in advance by choosing the menu, the dessert wines, background music, flowers and time arrival. The price is 250 euros per person, excluding wine and floral details. Continue reading “The smaller restaurants in the world”

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Szimpla Kert, the best bar in the ruins of Budapest

Szimpla Kert, the dean of Romkocsma of Budapest, the restaurant that created a genre (for some an obsession) is still the best on the square. Many rooms and a courtyard, in practice a sort of open-air post-atomic, which can accommodate hundreds of people, and partying until late at night, with a great selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

Szimpla Kert

The Romkocsma, the bar among the ruins, are an invention of Budapest, since 2001 the first dubbed the Szimpla coffee, dubbed the next year from our Szimpla Kert, who first experiences the strong, is created to ‘inside of an abandoned factory near the University. Great success, and the idea that spreads like a virus, so as to open in other Hungarian cities, as well as in Berlin. Continue reading “Szimpla Kert, the best bar in the ruins of Budapest”

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Eating at 170 meters high, on the Tallinn TV Tower

The highest restaurant in Estonia and the glass floor more impressive, both suspended at 170 meters on the top of the TV Tower in Tallinn, reopened after a long restoration, which cost 5.5 million euros, which began in 2007 adapt it to fire regulations.

Tallinn TV Tower

High total of 314 yards – but the terrace round accessible to the public is lower – the TV Tower now welcomes visitors with an exhibition on the history of Estonia (here under the Russian tanks threatening adjusted themselves in 1991), a cafe and a restaurant with panoramic terrace: everything is achieved with a high-speed elevator that reaches the top in 49 seconds. Continue reading “Eating at 170 meters high, on the Tallinn TV Tower”

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