Where to eat in Paris: Le Bristrol, three Michelin stars

Are you in Paris and want something more than the classic brasserie? Well as you can imagine luxury restaurants out there, and among them a small number, 9 to be exact, has a three-star rating from the famous Michelin Guide.

Le Bristol

Le Bristol, the luxury hotel with an adjoining one of the best restaurants in the French capital. Haute cuisine and, of course, high prices, but with a pleasant surprise: as you can read on the menu, the restaurant also offers a “seasonal menu” at a fixed price, 85 Euros per person. Continue reading “Where to eat in Paris: Le Bristrol, three Michelin stars”

Eating low budget in Paris, the Japanese bakery Aki Boulanger

The bakeries of Paris are legendary, absolutely a must to visit if you come to town and you want a real taste of french style living; but in these parts and historically strong the influence of the East, and in fact, I have discovered that in the rich choice of boulangeries, include exotic names, like Aki Boulanger.

Aki Boulanger

That is the first Japanese bakery in the city, which is located at 16 rue Saint Anne (first district), but which offers the typical dishes of a pastry is really there needless to Tokyo. Continue reading “Eating low budget in Paris, the Japanese bakery Aki Boulanger”

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Dans le Noir in Paris, the restaurant in the dark

There are so many strange places where you can dine, but definitely not every day you find a restaurant where everything happens “in the dark”. This is Dans Le Noir, a restaurant wanted by Paul Guinot Foundation who fights for the rights of blind people. In the room, in fact, everything happens in the dark and most of the staffs are just blind.

Dans le Noir

As described on the place, eat in absolute darkness, guided and served only by the blind is a unique experience that turned our way of viewing the world. Surely it is a way to understand how it feels to not have the sense of sight, it is difficult certain daily activities such as eating. An exciting experience, but also “social” because the darkness is different, you live a different conviviality. And reinforcing senses such as taste and smell. Continue reading “Dans le Noir in Paris, the restaurant in the dark”

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A cafe in Paris, three addresses to try

Ok, it sounds a bit ‘strange that traveling to Paris for a coffee, but in its exotic character, this could be a gastronomically noteworthy now and then to make the espresso machines come everywhere, going to try is a challenge to grasp while turning to Paris.

Kooka Boora

The first address to write down if you’re in the mood for tasting mocha style, and customs to 47 rue de Babylone, a place for connoisseurs in the seventh arrondissement, with waiters/sommelier which help you to orientate yourself in the perception of aromas of fine coffee of maison and various facets of the art of making cappuccino and milk-based drinks, accompaniment? The chocolate banana bread. Continue reading “A cafe in Paris, three addresses to try”

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French Riviera: Eating in an Asian restaurant

The coastline of the French Riviera is dotted with plenty of restaurants and bistros that offer local cuisine, where grilled meat and fish abound, accompanied by the usual round of “salads” with their sauces that make France so much. In the wreckage, however, I noticed a considerable number of Asian restaurants, with the nuances of culinary traditions from the former colonies. Here are some addresses if you want to enjoy the French identity in their entirety and in any case if you are interested in a parenthesis between exotic straw bag and a checkered shirt Vichy.

Le Palais Oriental

Let’s start with Le Palais Oriental, a trio of restaurants that are located in Cannes, Saint Laurent du Var and Saint Raphael famous for their couscous (some say the best in the region) with menus from €29.00 to enjoy before the spectacle of belly dancing, Le Comptoir de Macao at 24 rue Bivouac Napoleon provides Asian fusion cuisine and the particularity of a tearoom with the strangest and most sought after varieties to taste. Continue reading “French Riviera: Eating in an Asian restaurant”

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Batofar: a drink and a beach on the river in Paris

The Batofar – basically a boat-light – is a red ship moored on the banks of the Seine in Paris. A red dot that might be interested, as tourists, travelers and curious fans of the city, because the boat was built a bar and restaurant, where lunch, dinner or have a drink.

The Batofar

With the summer the Batofar widens and expands on the banks of the river, with its own private beach: This is not, however, one of Paris Plages, as here you will not find sand. You will find, however, chairs, tables and umbrellas, to give a touch prove to your drink. Continue reading “Batofar: a drink and a beach on the river in Paris”

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5 large Creperie in Paris

The crepes are hot and foamy, pco cost, and some studies (perhaps a little ‘part) show that are perfect if you plan to spend a “hangover”. Perfect for December, when the weather is cold and wet, when the portfolios, with Christmas fast approaching, more and more empty, (but also when you want to give in to the tasting). Here are 5 addresses:

Creperie in Paris

Breizh Cafe: Quality of ingredients, and fantasy in pairs, the favorite of those of Paris by mouth.

Creperie Josselin: The most authentic and buttery pancakes, served in a room full of dark wood and Breton lace. Continue reading “5 large Creperie in Paris”

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Chalet des Iles: A fantastic restaurant on the lake in Paris

Imagine yourself on vacation in Paris and wanted a break after the visits and cultural trips on the subway. Maybe doing a tour boat oars, walking in a forest, having lunch on the terrace of a chalet overlooking the lake. All this is possible if you can find the Chalet des Iles, a restaurant located in an extraordinary context.

Chalet des Iles

The wooden frame has its own particular history: Napoleon III made him dismount in Switzerland and bring on an island in the Bois de Boulogne, in homage to his wife. Here were the literary cafes frequented by Zola and Proust.

If you want to reach the Chalet cycling, just in front of the entrance there is the station of Velib, the public bike rental service.

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