Taste underground: the Finnish Muru restaurant equip in a mine

Do you want to dine al fresco and not claustrophobic? This is a place for you. In Finland, near the city of Lohja, have recently opened a restaurant that makes it neat and serves its customers in an old mine. The waiters and chefs wear protective headgear, although new activity should not anticipate collapses or explosions.

Finnish Muru restaurant

In fact the one prepared by Muru restaurant in Helsinki is only a temporary experiment: the spaces of the old mine in Tytyri will therefore be the scenario of a pop-up gourmet, recent fashion to set up shops and bistros in unusual places.

Chef Timo Linnanmaki has chosen as a characteristic element of his experience underground the Earth element, creating a menu of risotto with snails, smoked fish, veal fillet and steak with herbs (for the wine, you can be assured that it will fresh!). All to €128 per person.

Unfortunately the tables are already fully booked until September 29, when this experiment mining catering will leave room for the thick darkness of the mine.

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