Ryans Beggars Bush: Pub for all seasons in Dublin

A Dubino, among the many things to do, is also to take a ride to the area of Temple Bar, packed with local, so easy to get to get a beer in one of the many pubs that are in the area.

Ryans Beggars Bush

A pub which you do not run the risk (not yet at least) to be considered too touristy, the Ryans Beggars Bush, great for all seasons. In the summer with its outdoor tables (but time out from work, you fill fast), winter with its family atmosphere, small and traditional Irish pub.

In addition to the tradition, the strengths of the local, are price, definitely not touristy, and the staff service, fast and efficient, able to remember you, by the second lap.

It is located at 115 Haddington Road, a picturesque street lined with palaces of Georgian, near Mount Street and the Beggars Bush, from which it takes its name. It has a small menu of tastes, but the regulars are there to get a pint and a chat with friends. Open every day, until 23:30 (Sunday till 23).

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