Gourmet Hamburger of kobe beef

As always we like to recommend places and corners with some charm. Distinctive touches that are out of the ordinary and those give our taste buds and sense a pleasant flavor and taste for good food.

Baby Grill restaurant

At number 11 Calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza in Madrid is the Baby Grill restaurant, Rubaiyat space dedicated to tapas and dishes. A place of the benchmark capital in grilled meats that extends its succulent dishes with a new hamburger. The Rubaiyat hamburger is a reinterpretation of the American classic in the Brazilian style of Rubaiyat.

About the great flagship of Baby Grill Rubaiyat, its cheese bread freshly baked, settles higher cutting back their wagyu-Brangus bulls, bred in the Rubaiyat Hacienda in South Mato Grosso, with the guarantee of origin Tropical Kobe Beef granted by the Brazilian Association of wagyu cattle breeders.

One bite gourmet kobe beef accompanied by onion, tomato and mustard, and homemade potato.

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