Types of pots and pans

The pots and pans are primary tools for doing any kind of food both meat and fish such as soups, stews, casseroles, etc. But it is true that each one of them is particularly well suited to develop certain types of food.

pots and pans

Yes, any kitchen appliances need constant maintenance to retain the same qualities of the first day and that our recipes are always tasty.

There are a number of types of pots, among are those of stainless steel, which are durable, heat resistant and easy to clean, but sensitive to scratches, so it is advisable to always cook with wooden or silicone spoons.

Moreover, the pots are made from surgical and nickel-chromium steels are even more hygienic and durable. The copper is widely used for jams and candies, so they are very resistant to heat.

Iron pots are sturdy and are ready to develop acidic foods. It cleaned very well, although they are somewhat heavy. The aluminum pots have a coverage that helps non-stick cooking. They are lighter and comfortable also when cleaning.

The Dutch oven is used to make stews and soups or pasta plant also can be placed in the oven.

The pressure cooker cooking foods that is steamed and stewed.

Finally we have pots to prepare fish that are more elongated.

Among the most common pots is the clay that gives a good result, are heavier and fragile but very well taking care of them are the most durable. These are the best to prepare vegetables, soups and stews.

Cast iron pots vitrified allow us good cooking of the food. With them we can make a perfect dessert, soup, rice, etc.

The stainless steels are also very durable, lighter, and give us the peace of mind that will not rust.

The copper pans are great heat conductors, so we can save some energy with its use. They have inside tin or nickel coated to prevent toxic substances when heated. It is advisable to clean them well with soap and water before use.

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