The best restaurants in Florence

Eating well without spending a fortune, this is the dream of many, especially when visiting the city, where a Coca Cola can cost 8 euro also hurt the little bar if you choose to take a break! Indeed, the favorite Florentine restaurants that normally eschew the most crowded places of foreigners. If you want to eat well and spend little, should seek out these places.

Nerbone restaurant

The Trattoria Ruggero, Via Senese, near Porta Romana and the Boboli gardens is a typical Florentine trattoria with customers in the local area, the quality of the food is excellent and the dishes are simple: try the roasted chicken with baked potatoes! Another excellent restaurant is Trattoria del Carmine although, because of its location in a corner of Piazza del Carmine, it is also frequented by tourists: excellent chicken salad and memorable apple pie!

If you want something very rustic but also more accessible to tourists, the banquet of the central market, Nerbone, is an excellent choice for tasting tripe. Another choice in the city center, just steps from the Duomo, the restaurant Cafaggi: excellent fish, typically Tuscan dishes, fresh ingredients and price wise.

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