Chile’s Bistrot restaurant: eating well, the fish in Fano

The sign will not be misled: the restaurant’s name does not refer to the South American country, but the nickname of one of the leaders of the bistro, you will encounter begins at the threshold of Chile’s Bistrot in Fano.

Chile's Bistrot restaurant

So no Chilean cuisine, but good fish cooked really well. The restaurant will impress you from the outside: from the large windows you will see equipment prepared and pastel colors, lots of little details almost in Provencal style, gadgets and seafood plants, candles and lamps spread out on tables and windowsills.

But it is not mirrors to distract the unwary customer by what arrives on your plate. Opening the menu you will find many interesting dishes to accompany bianchello at house and without the bill makes it indigestible lunch. Continue reading “Chile’s Bistrot restaurant: eating well, the fish in Fano”

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