Cheese tarts and grilled vegetables

In just 15 minutes you can get some really chic and delicious recipe. A good resource for any finger food that you prepare at home. A tasty recipe and with all the properties of the vegetables.

Cheese tarts and grilled vegetables

Ideal for snacks at a barbecue, party or even to take to the beach as light snacks, these tarts are also very nutritious, economical and easy to make, and that will be ready in just 15 minutes.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 20 small tart:

• Olive oil
• 20 tarts
• 120 grams of cheese type goat cheese or semi hard and white
• 50 grams of chopped eggplant rather long
• 10 semi dried tomatoes, sliced
• 25 grams of red pepper, cut into thin strips
• 10 pitted black olives cut in half
• 20 small fresh basil leaves. Continue reading “Cheese tarts and grilled vegetables”

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