KFC style fried chicken recipe

This is a typical recipe of American community, specifically African American since its creation took place in New Orleans (the capital of jazz).

KFC style fried chicken

The recipe is designed for 3 people of good eating, as 4 supreme would behoove each 5 servings of fried chicken.

Fried chicken ingredients

  • 4 chicken supreme or failing 1 chicken parts (depending on number of guests varies the amount of chicken)
  • 3 cups flour
  • Salt
  • Lard
  • 2 Eggs
  • Olive Oil
  • Milk.

Dough preparation

  • Start pouring 3 cups of flour in a bowl or deep plate.
  • Once cast the 3 bowls of flour evenly proceed including salt (to taste).
  • Hard stir flour and salt, then we can make a kind of fusion between the two.
  • Once mixed the salt with the flour, take another bowl and beat 2 eggs (beat quickly), include the eggs into the mixture and begin to stir the dough with a fork.
  • When flour was thick because of the eggs will miss the milk (about 3 cups of milk), beat vigorously until dough is a fine consistency and not so thick.
  • Heat up a little butter, include it in the dough and stir the mixture until the butter is joining it.

Cooking Fried Chicken

  1. Once we washed the chicken we can pass through the mixture, each piece of chicken we will mulched with the mace.
  2. We spend a portion of chicken for the already prepared mace and let fall the leftover waste.
  3. With the previously hot oil, add the chicken portion and subsequent well.

We’ll have to moderate the fire, so that the inside is cooked and browned on the outside, the chicken is ready once the Mace becomes crispy brown.

Once its ready we will have to pass the fried chicken for some paper towels to remove its surplus of grease and oil. We can enjoy hot or cold, once passed by paper will eat.

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