How to remove excess salt in a dish?

You have to prepare a delicious meal for your husband. No luck, the lid of the salt falls and all is spread on your food. Rare are the people at whom that never happened. Above all, do not panic! Here are some tips to rectify the shooting…

remove excess salt

Peel a potato and place it at the bottom of your dish without cooking, it must necessarily remain raw. Wait a few moments and then remove it. It will have absorbed all the excess salt.

If you don’t have potato on hand, take a quarter loaves of bread, then cut into small pieces. Similarly, place them in your dish, stir gently and wait … its have the same effect as the potato.

You can also pour the entire contents of your dish in a colander to drain the food and get the most out of salt. Wait a few minutes and taste to see if there are better, do not hesitate to repeat the process if necessary.

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