Gin Tonic: How to prepare

This fashionable drink has made a place in all bars and terraces. The gin and tonic gets a perfect combination to delight our palates. But to achieve this result, we need to know how to prepare it. We give you some tips to surprise everyone with your gin tonic.

gin tonic

Gin tonic fever has been spread, causing all we are interested in this cocktail. Although it may seem simple to elaborate, a bad mixture can make the tonic loses its properties. To maintain the gin, the first thing to consider is that it can be served in a glass tube, because it prevents the gin will expand with the tonic and loses its flavor.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the squeezed lemon eliminates the carbon and, therefore, the bubbles of the tonic. If you want to add a touch of lemon to your drink, it’s best to go with a lemon peel. Another mistake is hitting the tonic before serving; it will only lose its flavor. Something very important in the preparation of any cocktail is to know the right proportions. In the case of gin tonic, the ideal is to add a portion of gin for every three of tonic. Finally add the tone and mix gently with a spoon to give life to the bubbles.

If you’re not happy just with the classic gin accompanied by lemon or cucumber together, be encouraged to create your own cocktail. Try to harmonize different gins with different tonic and condiments. Sure you get a unique drink.

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