European Recipes: Greek Potatoes

Greek Potatoes are baked potatoes perfect for combining with a wide range of dishes. A very complete recipe and will serve as a garnish for many dishes.

greek potatoes

Greek Potatoes dish is tasty, easy to make and fat free. The best thing is that most of the cooking time will be in the oven whereupon you can do other things while waiting for your dinner is prepared.

Greek potatoes recipe are the perfect accompaniment to many dishes, from all kinds of meat to vegetables and salads.

Ingredients for 6 to 8 people
• 8 medium-sized potatoes
• 4 garlic cloves (you can add more garlic to taste)
• ½ cup olive oil
• 1 cup water
• 1 teaspoon oregano
• One lemon juice
• A pinch of salt
• Pinch of black pepper.


• Pre-heat the oven to about 180 degrees Celsius
• Cut potatoes between 6 to 8 slices
• Place all ingredients in a baking
• Add salt and pepper over potatoes
• Add half cup water and olive oil mixed with garlic so they do not burn in the oven
• Bake for 40 minutes
• When the potatoes are golden brown, be separated a bit and add a little more salt and pepper together with oregano
• It is seen that the water starts to dry, add the other half of the water or a little less if the potatoes are almost done
• In case you need to add half a cup of water, the potatoes are baking for another 40 minutes.

Enjoy this simple and tasty dish and do not worry if the potatoes are cooked slightly in excess, as it will be equally delicious.

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