Aloe Vera: Recipe for a natural purifying

Without a doubt, the Aloe Vera is a magical plant because it has many beneficial properties to health, is digestive, regulates the intestinal transit, is great against the acne, it’s healing, improves the general condition of the skin, and between many feats more stimulates the body’s defenses.

aloe vera drink

So today we want to share with this recipe of Aloe Vera, recipe for a purifying and forget natural laxatives, antacids, etc.

For Aloe Vera has a medicinal effect, must have at least 2 years of age. The Aloes have children almost constantly, their children, as they are a bit grown up and can assure transplant and eternal production.

Let the recipe. We cut the Aloe one of the lower leaves (the oldest), flush with the trunk. This sheet gives us to eat for a week.

Each morning we cut off a portion of sheet (the rest covered with a bag or similar, to the refrigerator), then peel, cut into small pieces, and swallow it, without tasting and without chewing, as quickly as possible, with the help of water, tea, juice, or similar liquid, in fasting (best before breakfast, morning). And you can find some benefits of drinking aloe.

Cutting and fast swallowing the Aloe is a reason, it is sometimes tasteless but sometimes is quite bitter, it also has a “runny” consistency that the truth at the beginning is a little bit of disgust, worthwhile to the few days you notes the skin more soft and hydrated and the stomach, however, do not notice at all, everything goes smoothly.

The ideal is to make a cure for one week a month, every two months or, if you have stomach or skin problems and enjoy health, once with each change of season is more than enough.

After swallow your Aloe, rather than wash your hands take advantage of the liquid which is to rub your skin, you will see that it is soft. And if you have acne, chafing, rashes, wounds, dry, etc. no doubt, the Aloe Vera acts immediately in these cases.

And as always, you know, in this recipe of Aloe Vera, recipe for a natural purifying we are talking about healthy individuals, if you suffer from any serious pathology consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.