Keep in mind to choose a good catering

A good catering and good care is essential to the success of your event. It is necessary a meticulous planning of food and drink. There are all kinds of catering in terms of size and supply. The categories are for the type of food, experience and facilities. You can have a very good catering, keeping within the limits of your budget.

choose good catering

Together with the company analyzes the objectives of your event and got to propose you the best offers. When you are clear what you want to offer your guests and what will be the caterer who is going to do, you start to get into details.

Inform your catering in dallas up to that point, it is necessary that the food is previously prepared and as soon as service personnel is required for your guests are well looked after.

Below we offer a list for you to consider when choosing:

  • Meet with the Chef in personal to discuss the objectives and concepts of your events.
  • What are his specialties? Could serve the seasonal dishes?
  • “Challenge” to the Chef. With this promote their creativity. Go to the meeting with ideas and examples of dishes and style of what you’re looking for.
  • How do they submit the food? Besides a creative presentation of the dishes, do not forget you have to combine with the atmosphere.
  • Where is the kitchen and the areas of preparation and service? Make sure the Chef catering or supervisor knows the plans and shape of the room.
  • How far in advance should warn to prepare special meals?
  • Are there any option of vegetarian and dietetics menus? How many extra rations might they to serve if some assistant was requesting it?
  • Should be reviewed with the chef or catering responsible each dish:
    – Portion sizes of each dish
    – Salads: there are several choices?
    – What varieties can be selected in the menu?
    – Is the drink free?
    – Is there a selection of desserts? Will serve on the plate or in the tables?
  • Are the products fresh, canned or frozen? Do they make their own bread and cakes?
  • How long does it take to serve each dish? (Including remove the crockery and cutlery previous dish). This data is essential to estimate the time of each event acts.
  • When can you do a tasting menu? (The taste is also very useful for checking the presentation).
  • What tablecloths and in what colors are available? And chair covers?

Services should offer the Catering:

• Advice, planning and service address.
• Assembly, removal and subsequent cleaning service area.
• Equipment: tablecloths, furniture, glassware, cutlery, crockery, ice, beverage and menu card.
• Catering equipment and furniture in wearing floral ornamentation.
• Transportation service.
• Dispensing of beverages throughout the service.

These are some points which you do not have to forget when planning your catering. There are lots of catering service in the world and if you are in dallas then catering in dallas will be your best choice.

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