Low cost London Restaurants

Discover the increasingly broad, varied and inexpensive cuisine of the British capital. Forget the cliches and eat healthy and well in the best low cost restaurants in London. So save for your shopping!

Gastro Pubs

Restaurants with delight and economic in London? Yeah, right there. Forget the stereotypes that say that in Britain eats bad and expensive. Apart from the four restaurants that already have the list of the world’s best, do not stop the inaugurations of good restaurants, nice and cheap. Low cost restaurants in the heart of London so that you do not have to eat up again a sandwich of supermarket or the most expensive pizza in a place crammed with tourists. One more reason to escape a few days to the City, go shopping and eat well and at a good price!

Gastro Pubs
Very close to the major London theaters is Angel and Crown, in Covent Garden. It is the last ‘Gastro Pubs‘ that has opened in London, real pub but with diverse restaurants with local produce, organic and seasonal. In Camden, have to come to Gordon’s, an institution in London. Good wine and good British cheese in a very relaxed: it is full of candles. In Square Pie, you can try handmade pies and square!, Served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Continue reading “Low cost London Restaurants”

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