Can Manel restaurant, Barcelona

Can Manel restaurant is located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona; very close to the Sants train station. It is ideal for travelers who are coming or going by train and want to stop and enjoy a good plate of Catalan cuisine.

Can Manel restaurant

Can Manel dishes are cooked traditional Catalan cuisine, from snails to very good sausage gravy can not find elsewhere in Barcelona. This restaurant specializes in grilled meats, snails and calcots, a place where you can enjoy authentic (if you like) of home cooking.

You can ordered some dishes of snacks, with “esqueixada”, snails, salad, etc and second each choose a meat dish. The truth is that from time to time happy eating in a restaurant of the earth, remember those flavors so genuine and pure in the kitchen of a lifetime. Continue reading “Can Manel restaurant, Barcelona”

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