ShaMadi: luxury and macrobiotic cuisine

The lack of contact with the natural food and the loss of the relationship between man and the food has made in recent years, it has sought to create new links. Food is not just food, but it is also a time to enjoy and share, and also the different foods can contribute much to the health and well being.

ShaMadi Restaurant

One of the latest trends in food, which is imported from Asia, is macrobiotic food. The macrobiotic cooking is a way of life, and a type of power that must be followed each day as a way to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but also happier. Now, the macrobiotic cuisine comes to restoration, in the form of a fancy restaurant.

Samadhi: luxury in macrobiotic cooking
In luxurious surroundings, and within a comprehensive plan for welfare hotel, the restaurant is Samadhi, which is inspired by macrobiotic cooking to offer exquisite gourmet dishes that take into account the natural benefits of each food.

ShaMadi offers menus for guests seeking to enjoy sophisticated and delicate dishes during your holiday in Valencia, but it also allows hotel guests to enjoy a completely unique, to improve the shape and the physical condition on a holiday designed to a shoot inside and outside.

The healthy cuisine, a business with potential
The healthy cooking, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, appeared as a fashion trend, but gradually has been established in society as a way of life, therefore, more and more restaurant increasingly opt to include of this type of dishes in menu, and even, many restaurants have specialized in offering healthy meal in an exclusive environment.

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