Why does oil foam when frying?

A common problem when frying is that the oil overflows or foam is generated that comes out of both the pan and the fryer. For this reason we bring you a series of causes and some simple solutions so that you do not have to clean the hot oil stove again.

Some reasons why oil may overflow?

One of the main mistakes when using a deep fryer is the excessive reuse of the oil. That causes it to burn and in turn lose the property it has. This may be your problem. If it is, we recommend that you try to change the oil more often. Not only because it overflows, if not for health.

If your problem is not that, do not worry, surely in this article you will find the reason and the solution. Very linked to the oil change is its cleaning since it is very common to fry batters that we like so much.

oil foam when frying

But batters have their drawback, since many times part of the batter comes off and remains for several frying. What can generate a bad taste in addition to causing that foam that we do not like? For this reason, it is good to filter the oil after use, so we will achieve a longer duration of it and greater comfort.

Other very common mistakes are the mixture of oils, both the one used with the new one, the olive oil and the sunflower oil. Since each one has its characteristics and has different reactions to high temperatures.

But without a doubt the most repeated mistake that causes the oil to overflow is not introducing the oil within the limits indicated by the fryers.

Sometimes we have a small fryer for the food we want to make and what we do is add more oil so that it covers when we add the food. This causes that when the oil heats up and increases its level and we add the food, the oil overflows out of the fryer. It is very important to keep the oil level within the limits.

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Tricks to prevent oil from overflowing the fryer

We have seen which the most repeated mistakes when frying are. But … How can I prevent the oil from overflowing?

To prevent the oil from generating the foam that prevents us from seeing the food and staining the glass before heating the oil, places a bottle cork. This will absorb the foam and will not flavor the food.

Dry food thoroughly before putting it in the deep fryer, as the water could cause a reaction and the oil may leak out.

Do not overdo it with the temperature of the fryer; the normal is between 160-180 degrees Celsius. Often we want that crunchy texture and what we do is heat the fryer to 200º, the only thing that we achieve this way is to burn the oil and increase its level by being able to get out of the fryer.

Another solution is to remove the oil. Now you will say “But how am I going to fry without oil”. Yes, there are already fryers on the market without oil or air fryers that achieve that crunchy effect without the use of oil. So we avoid these problems and cook in a healthier way.