Where to eat in Kathmandu-Thamel

If you are in Thamel, the tourist area par excellence of Kathmandu, you’ll soon realize that the neighborhood is an infinite set of narrow streets, restaurants, shops and hotels certainly similar. Choose a place to eat in front of such a large number of restaurants, can be a difficult choice, especially if most of them offers the same menu with pretty crappy money. Here are some tips to deal with them:

Sandwich Point

Where to eat
Breakfast: Sandwich Point in Thamel Chowk. Order a medium cheese sandwich with ham and yaks.

Lunch: For an authentic Chinese (as authentic by discovering that cantonese rice, sweet and sour chicken and soy noodles do not have the same flavor) go from Shanghai Fast Food, a small restaurant opposite the Hotel Utse. The menu is four pages with an English translation really hilarious. Since the staff speaks only Chinese and Nepalese. We do not recommend ordering more than two courses as the amount of food for each order is gargantuan. Do not you dwell on the color of the walls, windows and lanterns, eat, and paid out satisfied.

Dinner: If you feel the lack of pizza and pasta go to La Dolce Vita, one of the most famous Italian restaurants of Kathmandu, just across the Kathmandu Guest House (the most popular guest house in Kathmandu …). The place is really nice and recommends you dine on the rooftop terrace. For Asian royalty pizza is not bad at all and pasta carbonara will not disappoint you if you ask extra Parmesan cheese. After the meal you order a cup of coffee.

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