Turn some chopsticks into a very easy to use utensil to eat

We want to show you three tricks to turn some chopsticks into a very easy-to-use utensil for eating, since you don’t always control the two chopsticks with your fingers when comes to taking food with them. For children it can be a solution when they start using chopsticks to eat, and for many adults too.

tricks for chopsticks

When you have tried to actively and passively use Chinese chopsticks to eat and it is not achieved, if you do not want to use their traditional cutlery, you can use the chopsticks that are joined by the top and act as if they were a pair of tweezers. Although you can also do something with the classic chopsticks to turn them into tweezers and not have the need to buy some special chopsticks. There are several tricks to turn some chopsticks into tweezers easy to use to eat sushi, noodles, sauteed vegetables and meat, fish…

These tricks, in addition to the people who consider it impossible to chopsticks master, can be a good option for children to start using this cutlery to eat, although surely many children will learn before many adults to handle and master them. All will depend on the age of the children and their skill and interest.

Anyway, for whoever, or for the occasion that suits, we will discuss three tricks to eat easily using chopsticks, come on, the two chopsticks used as traditionally covered in the Far East, in addition to China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea … and that due to our interest in its gastronomic culture, we also adopt them, whether they are made of wood, bamboo, stainless steel, plastic or the material that is chosen. In any case, you will not need to buy anything to turn some chopsticks into a very easy-to-use utensil to eat.

how to use chopsticks

In the above photo you can see that with an elastic band and a piece of paper we have made taking the chopsticks easy and, most importantly, that carrying the food with them is effective. The rubber is simply rolled on the upper end of the sticks and between them, at the same height, a rolled piece of paper or any other object that separates them a little is placed, so that clamping effect is done.

using clothespin with chopsticks

You can also use a spring of a clothespin or even the clothespin itself, as you can see in the second photo, by sticking a stick on each side of a clothespin there is already a tool, something rustic, but practical to the time to take food from the plate. In the following photo you can see that with the spring of it, positioned as if it were the clip, the same game is achieved, so it can be used without having to dominate the sticks with the fingers, although it does not convince us very much.

chopsticks with tongs

The third trick to turn the chopsticks into easy-to-use eating tongs we have seen in several videos, and looking for one that was very clear and didactic to share with you, we have seen the one that we show you below and in which you precisely show three tricks to avoid having to fight with chopsticks or food. You will see that the rubber is used in a different way, and in the end, you can see how to prepare a plastic cap of a water bottle, for example, to make a spring in the sticks.

What do you think of these tricks for chopsticks? Surely someone will serve you or that friend who you have not been able to teach to eat with this utensil.