Three bars to enjoy the Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg is now one of the most alive, interesting, culturally vibrant of Greater Berlin, the one born after the reunification of the two ermanie. Young couples, intellectuals, and the trend, have chosen to live there, and also from the tourist point of view, the neighborhood, not without its appeal, as the residential center of Wohnstadt Carl Legien (protected by UNESCO), the Planetarium “Carl Zeiss”, or Mauerpark, a large green area, built where once was the former Berlin Wall. So, a visit to visit, to walk in walk, can be useful to write down some addresses, please tell those of Bang Bang Berlin.

Cafe Morgenrot

Cafe Morgenrot: Not happen every day to get in a cafe that promises a political and cultural debate on the facts of today, along with a trade fair trade coffee. But the Cafe Morgenrot collectives left undertake to promote equality and dialogue beyond divisions. But it is not only challenging speeches, but also ethical menu, coming right up to the vegans. From Friday to Sunday buffet that customers can pay from 5 to 9 euros depending on how much they can afford, as if to say, accessible to all.

Wohnzimmer: Maybe you feel that the bar has been decorated by your grandmother, or maybe you would like to find out where they are stocked, certain that the Wohnzimmer-Bar has a character all its own. This place is full of old tables, sofas and lamps, which may have been bought in garages around the world. From tasty croissants and stained with milk, until the drink of the night, the bar is always ready to welcome the guests of Prenzlauer Berg.

Beakers: A cup of hospitality, just enough for comfort, a touch of warmth, a touch of roughness and voila, the dish is served in the cafeteria and bar of the beakers. Barman “drugs”, with lots of tattoos, piercings and skull-adorned furnishings harmonized brilliantly with the use of simple furniture and a friendly service and vases of fresh flowers scattered around the cafeteria. In the morning you can create the perfect breakfast selecting the classic breakfast from a menu, such as checklists, the evening is for you to enjoy a wide range of over 30 different bottled beers.

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