Street food to try in London, the bagel

Tasters of street-food from the world save this signalling the site Time Out London on bagels more good of London. The bagel, which is a sandwich in the shape of a donut boiled and put into the oven and then stuffed with all kinds of condiments from sweet to savory, and for a long time been one of the typical street-food of the English capital, ergo: to try!

Brick Lane Beigel Bakery

The Brick Lane Beigel Bakery is a must for those in the Bricklane area, it is lunch-time or not; legend has it that it is the oldest provider of bagels in the area and by its furnace arrive in continuation cut with thousands of homemade sandwiches, which-incidentally-also have an affordable price (starting from even 2 pounds). Continue reading “Street food to try in London, the bagel”

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