Eating well in New York: Le Bernardin and Masa

The people of New York love to eat well, and certainly lacks the alternatives, given that there are approximately 4,000 restaurants across the city. If these are looking for something very good, at least according to international criticism, here are two good choices.

Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin, 155 W. 51st Street: four stars (the maximum) recognized by the New York Times and three stars by Michelin Guide. With this curriculum appears the Le Bernardin, historic restaurant near Times Square for 20 years that offers French cuisine and seafood specialties.

The prices, given the reputation, are not exorbitant: for those who chose the three course menu, start from $66 each. But be careful fashion items for men’s jacket is a must. On the site of the restaurant, you can admire a beautiful gallery, menus, and … book a table! Continue reading “Eating well in New York: Le Bernardin and Masa”

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