French Riviera: Eating in an Asian restaurant

The coastline of the French Riviera is dotted with plenty of restaurants and bistros that offer local cuisine, where grilled meat and fish abound, accompanied by the usual round of “salads” with their sauces that make France so much. In the wreckage, however, I noticed a considerable number of Asian restaurants, with the nuances of culinary traditions from the former colonies. Here are some addresses if you want to enjoy the French identity in their entirety and in any case if you are interested in a parenthesis between exotic straw bag and a checkered shirt Vichy.

Le Palais Oriental

Let’s start with Le Palais Oriental, a trio of restaurants that are located in Cannes, Saint Laurent du Var and Saint Raphael famous for their couscous (some say the best in the region) with menus from €29.00 to enjoy before the spectacle of belly dancing, Le Comptoir de Macao at 24 rue Bivouac Napoleon provides Asian fusion cuisine and the particularity of a tearoom with the strangest and most sought after varieties to taste. Continue reading “French Riviera: Eating in an Asian restaurant”

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