Dans le Noir in Paris, the restaurant in the dark

There are so many strange places where you can dine, but definitely not every day you find a restaurant where everything happens “in the dark”. This is Dans Le Noir, a restaurant wanted by Paul Guinot Foundation who fights for the rights of blind people. In the room, in fact, everything happens in the dark and most of the staffs are just blind.

Dans le Noir

As described on the place, eat in absolute darkness, guided and served only by the blind is a unique experience that turned our way of viewing the world. Surely it is a way to understand how it feels to not have the sense of sight, it is difficult certain daily activities such as eating. An exciting experience, but also “social” because the darkness is different, you live a different conviviality. And reinforcing senses such as taste and smell. Continue reading “Dans le Noir in Paris, the restaurant in the dark”

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