Rio de Janeiro: Take coffee to Confeitaria Colombo

The Confeitaria Colombo in Rio de Janeiro, not as famous as the Harry’s New York Bar in Paris and other famous bars because of literary acquaintances, but is certainly one of the most well-known of Rio, where it operates since 1894. We are in the center of the city and whether you’re just out of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, whether you are doing a walk through the streets of downtown, it’s worth going through the Pastry Colombo.

Confeitaria Colombo

Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, it is getting thrown back in time to the early twentieth century, with huge Belgian mirrors, frames and rosewood showcases, Italian marble top, light fixtures, floors and furnishings, a show for eyes, a spectacle for the senses, because in the end you sit down and order something to eat and drink. Continue reading “Rio de Janeiro: Take coffee to Confeitaria Colombo”

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