6 essential attributes in a chef

There are components that are essential in the formation of a chef, first are theoretical and practical training, and then generate an attitude of service and responsibility. Yet only a few are able to stand out above the rest, and beyond that they have better skills is by the way they deal with the business, because once we have reached our peak we want to stay in it and show that no one can move us from our place. Here we share one of the world class chefs given 6 essential attributes that a chef must have:

essential attributes in a chef

Take the job seriously
We work on this because we like it, we love and fills us with joy. But we must not forget that the work entails a liability, and the idea is that we do as the saying of the chefs says: “Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today”. It is that we perform our work at high levels, with constant demand and supervision so that this way it is maintained. Continue reading “6 essential attributes in a chef”

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