Some tricks in the kitchen

A good cook always has a few tricks saved “in the hole” and keep them secret does difference when the applause. Here is some of these tips to put them away without losing them.

kitchen tricks

Oil; to prevent the oil from oxidizing or becomes stale is best to store them in a cool dark place, should keep in the refrigerator must be removed before use time to lose the excess viscosity. At the time of combining it with the vinegar it should be borne in mind that the extra virgin olive oil is complemented well with balsamic vinegar, while oils of dried fruits go well with the fruit vinegars for wine vinegar would be with oils of herbs.

Garlic; If we chop it fine we get a strong aroma, if thick chop it we get a less strong aroma, when we smashed the aroma will be mild and finally will be much smoother if the grilled up without peel it. To peel a garlic clove pressed onto the table with the blade and the skin is loose one, in case of a head of garlic, put it in boiling water for 2 minutes to cool and easily peeled. If left with much garlic smell on your hands, rub with lemon juice.

Birds: to keep juicy while roasting, we put melted butter under the skin, then cover the bird with buttered foil, cover the breast with strips of bacon or place inside the bird and before you start grilling, half an onion or a slice of lemon.

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