Restaurant Fierro, Amstelveen

If you want to eat good meat and reside or are visiting in Amstelveen not hesitate to try the restaurant Fierro. The Argentine has a good selection of meat dishes cooked on the grill.

Restaurant Fierro

If you book a table for dinner in the restaurant Fierro, will offer a combination of salad (which takes self service rate) plus the main course you want (most of meat but also some fish) and served with fries or baked potato with cream, gepofte Aardappel. Moreover, with the meat always bring you a few homemade sauces.

Find a restaurant Fierro near the park Amsterdamse Bos, right on its southern entrance, near De Poel. The restaurant is decorated with bovine hides and wooden tables and benches a cozy rustic tavern.

If you choose to ask to book a table at the end of the dining room, past the kitchen as enjoy the view of the park, with a small canal, a very cozy atmosphere. The tables can easily accommodate 4 to 6 people but if you are more you can prepare a bigger table.

As for prices, normally pay about 30 euros per head, with a main dish and salad, plus bread and a cocktail to start the evening.

Noorddammerlaan 80
AD 1187 Amstelveen, Netherlands

Phone: 020 6454881

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