Kids Recipes: Desserts of different fruits

If there is something that costs to eat the children, it is fruits, all mothers know that. Among protests and cries, any apple or pear that we give them is eternal. So here we’ll give you ideas that can help you to eat fruit that does not become a torture for children and mothers.

kids desserts

You do not need to prepare complicated recipes in which camouflage fruits so that they do not see it. Just give it a different and offer something that catches their attention. An idea for the summer is to cut the fruit into chunks and bathe in Greek yogurt. We put into the freezer for sufficient time so that the yogurt to harden. And ready!

Another idea is to make fruit lollipops. With a banana, for example. Peel and cut off the tips, and digs a stick of ice cream. Bathing in hot chocolate and chips can be added to make it more attractive colors. Cool in the refrigerator until ready to eat.

You can also be made with pieces of fruit salads with pieces of fruit that does not leave juice and sprinkle with caramel syrup. Then added scratches of chocolate above, pieces of dried fruits or grated coconut. Even fruit can be tinted with food coloring and give it something different as blue pear.

It is only a matter of little imagination. And if you let it help you prepare, kids are sure to eat these delighted desserts. It is the best way to interact with them and to have a good time with family … and teaching easy cooking recipes!

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