How to treat a waiter to be well cared for

Knowing how to deal with a waiter, is part of the experience of going to a restaurant, provides good service and makes the stay a more pleasant one.

treat waiter

We all have gone to a restaurant sometimes, the frequency of our visits can be variable, as can the restaurant and the menu, but there is something that will never vary… and that is the presence of the waiter. These uniformed characters have the titanic task of serving hundreds of guests – of variable humor and education – with the best disposition and a broad smile, but do you know how to act to get better care?

The treatment that the customer gives to a waiter is essential at the time of having reciprocity – good attention – as it usually happens that, due to the speed of life, we forget the important function that these people fulfill in a restaurant.

We have made a list of some tips to treat a waiter well, so that you can aspire to receive the best attention.

  • Usually the waiters carry their name on the chest or lapel, some are presented personally. It is convenient to call the waiter by his name and not with strange sounds or derogatory names, in this way it shows respect and values what you are doing.
  • The work of a waiter must be rewarded, and it is a tradition that after a good service delivers to them a good tip, although this will depend on the restaurant since sometimes the tip is included in the bill. In case of not stipulating a tip included in the payment of the bill, be fair with the tip delivered according to the received attention. It is common to leave 10% of the bill in tips, but if you want you can give more or less….
  • When placing the order, treat the waiter with respect. Use the word “please” and “thank you”. Always look him in the face when you speak to him, since no one likes to be treated derogatory, and waiters are no exception.
  • If the dish arrives late at your table it’s almost never the waiter’s fault, usually the problem comes from the kitchen, so do not take it out on him. If the delay has been very rude, talk to the person in charge of customer service or a superior in the restaurant.
  • If you are not ready to order yet, do not call the waiter, they hate waiting for people who are undecided. Check the charter with tranquility, when you have any questions about the menu or ready decision, order it or the pertinent questions.
  • If the dish you ordered is wrong or is not what you expected, remember that the waiter is not the cook.
  • Some people usually ask for advice to the waiter of the menu or a dish, be careful to do so, although they are almost always successful, sometimes they are not in the same gastronomic harmony as the diner.
  • If you are going to leave a tip in cash, make sure it is received by the waiter who attended it, especially in small restaurants, since in the big ones it is usually gathered in a common waste where all the staff of the restaurant is benefited.
  • If the service in a restaurant is slow or there is little staff, it is almost certain that the last culprit is the waiter, do not retaliate your discomfort with him.