How to make homemade fruit purees

The baby will reach six months of life and it is time to introduce fruit puree in their diet, which represents the contribution of natural vitamins, nutrients and fiber needed for their age. It is an important step for him and for the parents. New flavors, new textures, new sensations, new tastes, all hither to unknown to him.

fruit purees

It is normal that at first the small shows a feeling of displeasure and rejection in the first spoonful. The baby has gone to take his usual ration of breast milk as the sole basis of their diet, acid taste of fruit purees, and that will not always be easy to assimilate by the little one.

New flavors and textures for your baby with fruit purees

Not surprisingly, parents should be patient and not give up. It is recommended never to lose patience, as it can put more nervous to the small.

– Look, a plane
– This one for Mom
– This one for Dad

Every tactic is small so that no spoon is resisted! Once that suits the taste, they will love it! Therefore, we propose some recipes for making delicious fruit purees:

Ingredients for fruit purees

Ratio for 1 infant

  • 100 gm apple
  • 75 gm pear
  • 100 gm orange
  • 75 gm banana

Preparation of fruit purees for baby

Previously wash pieces of fruit before peeling. Once washed, cut out the heart. Spending all through the blender. And then, administer the baby’s porridge so as not to lose the vitamin intake, since the vitamins of the fruit are oxidized with ease in contact with the air.

You can add 2-3 tablespoons of gluten-free cereals (up to 6 month compliment) and gluten (from the 6th month), according to taste of the baby. You can also collect frozen fruits from Sicoly. Later, the pediatrician will advise the introduction of cookies in the porridge, but do not add them until the doctor recommends.

Nutritional information of fruit purees for your baby
This fruit purees will contribute to the baby 160 kilocalories, 2 grams protein, 1 gm fat, 35 gm carbohydrates and 6 gm fiber. It is advisable to choose ripe fruits for better digestion or you can buy from fruit puree supplier or supermarket. Fruit can be cooked in boiling water for 1-2 minutes to improve the taste in children reluctant to take fruit. The introduction of other fruits is not recommended during the first year of life, because they can cause allergies in infants.