How to choose the fish

One of the meats more difficult to choose is the fish, as there are many details that take into account and we can buy it in poor condition without knowing that we do. Here an interesting and useful list of recommendations, advice and tips to choose a good fish.

tips for buying fish

Tips for buying fish
Buy fish can become a worthy work of an expert, but do not be discouraged that taking into account the following tips you can convert to a good buyer of fish if you become a scholar in the topic. So take note and read carefully.

  • Eyes: A fish in good condition should have bright eyes, should never have sunken and bulging eyes, these characteristics tells us that the fish is not fresh.
  • Texture: A fresh fish should be smooth. In this detail you must consider the type of fish because some fish are fresh although not smooth.
  • Scales: These should be bright, should easily skip if you pass a sharp object at the spine or the sides of the fish.
  • Gills: Here we look at color, to know if it is fresh fish must have red color. The stretched them out should offer resistance. If we move our finger across them and lose color, it is likely that the fish has been “made-up” to look cool.
  • Smell: A fish always smells fishy, smell is not strong . If this emanates a smell of mud or ammonia the fish is not fresh, likewise when its smell is very strong, this indicates that it is not in good condition.

The place or establishment where fish bought is also important, but it is not always a guarantee of freshness. You should know that the fish meat is another degradation time compared to other meats, so we can be buying fish at a prestige supermarket, but it may be in poor condition. That is why we suggest you to follow faithfully the recommendations expressed in this article; you know that in the eyes, texture, scales, gills and the smell can be determined by the state and the true freshness of the fish. Have good purchase of fish.

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