Differences between Sirloin Steak and Flank Steak

Do you love eating or cooking steak? If yes, you must wish to know more about various types of steak. In our case, we will discuss two of the most popular steaks available. If you are familiar with steaks, you probably know that sirloin steak and flank steak often outsell other steaks. However, there is so much to tell about these steaks.

These steaks are a popular topic among many steak lovers. After all, they have a reputation for being the top best steaks you can have. This article offers the best place to learn about sirloin and flank steaks. Ensure that you read through the content below to understand more.

What are the differences between Sirloin Steak and Flank Steak?

You can use many things when comparing the sirloin steak and flank steak. In this section, we will discuss different features to compare the two. Check it out!

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Are the sirloin and flank steaks similar?

The Sirloin Steak and Flank steaks are both popular cuts you find in the rear middle section of animals. Probably you know that this section features the most popular and tender cuts. As a result, people often compare the sirloin steak and flank steak; in some cases, they may use these names interchangeably. But, they are different.

Sirloin steak comes from the leaner side of the rear section but includes one of the best flavors globally. Also, it can be pretty tender if you choose to roast it. It makes the best medium-rare steak.

However, it is one of the most sensitive steaks that require you to take the necessary heat precautions when cooking. Otherwise, it will lose its flavor, and it can make you hate steak. Sirloin steak can be the best or worst to eat, depending on how you cook it.

When it comes to the flank steak, it is tenderer compared to the sirloin steak, and the flavor is unique, giving you the best steak experience. Many often go for this steak because it is juicy and easy to eat. The flank steak is an excellent choice for people who love experimenting with steak to make various dishes.

Is sirloin or flank steak more tender?

From the definition, you can tell that flank steak is a tenderer option than sirloin steak. However, this fact depends on whether you use the sirloin flap or the top sirloin steak.

The sirloin flap’s tenderness will never compare with a flank steak because the former is quite tough. Besides, it features sturdy muscle grains. The flavor is beefy and great; some people who enjoy a good taste will rarely mind its toughness. It represents a large part of the rear, meaning the sirloin flap is reasonably available.

But flank steak is an excellent choice for people who prefer tender meat and wish to go for something juicy and soft. Also, managing it is easy and convenient, and the flavor is unique. The top sirloin is different from the sirloin flap since its tenderness can compare to the flank steak. This detail explains why some chefs can easily replace the flap steak with a top sirloin steak.

You can go for a flank steak or a top sirloin steak if you wish for something soft, and if you prefer something chewier, a sirloin flap is excellent.

Sirloin steak vs Flank steak, which one costs more?

Popular butcheries tend to have the flank steak as one of the least expensive cuts you can buy. Many chefs comment that many people overlook the flank steak because it is lean, boneless, and doesn’t have fat. You can use this underestimated quality steak to make many meals compared to other steaks. You can find it at a standard cost of $12.

However, compared to flank steak, sirloin steak is the least expensive. After all, you can find a top sirloin steak at a favorable cost of $10. You get high-quality, tasty top sirloin steak by paying $10 for a pound.

What cooking methods you can you use when making sirloin and flank steak?

Sirloin and flank steak, which one is the most convenient to cook? Before cooking any steak, people are often interested in the best cooking choice and what you can cook with the steak. Naturally, you can get tasty steak from either of the two depending on how you cook it.

One of the most significant pros of using flank steak is its versatility. In other words, you can make so much with flank steak and use many cooking ways. We have many chefs testifying that flank steak is among the top versatile steaks to get, and there is so much to do with it and still get something tasty.

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With the flank steak, you can make steak salad, fajita steak, beef taco, and more. Besides, you can cook it using various techniques, including boiling, slow cooking, grilling, etc. Of course, since flank steak is a type of steak, you need to pay attention to the temperature you use to avoid burning it.


The sirloin steak may not be as flexible as the flank steak, but you can still easily get the best sirloin steak without going to a restaurant. But, you will need the right cooking equipment, recipe, temperature, and time.

Ensure that the steak maintains room temperature to avoid burning it. Sirloin steak is more sensitive to heat compared to flank steak. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the correct temperature when cooking and pay attention to ensure that the meat cooks uniformly.

Between Sirloin steak and Flank steak, which one is better?

There is no direct response to this question since it all returns to taste and preference. Using the content above, you can tell which steak suits you when cooking various meals. Use flank steak if you are a chef and prefer flexible steak to help you cook multiple meat recipes. Also, you can work with the sirloin steak and make a fantastic steak with the right texture and flavor.

Note that the sirloin and flank steak are rear cuts in an animal and are some of the top steaks you can have. Whatever choice you make will depend on your preference.

What is the nutritional value of Sirloin steak and flank steak?

Calorie levels

The lean feature in flank steak suggests that the calorie levels are lower compared to the sirloin steak. This prediction is correct. Sirloin steak has a calorie level of 195 kcal in every 100g, while the flank steak has a calorie level of 192 kcal for the same quantity of meat.

Fat content

Sirloin steak has 3% more fats compared to flank steak.

Water content

Flank steak is juicy, thanks to the high water content. Compared to the sirloin steak, it has 7% more water.

Protein levels

Sirloin steak has 8% higher levels of proteins than flank steak.

Vitamins levels

  • Vitamin B1: Flank steak has vitamin B1, which is 3% less than flank steak.
  • Vitamin B2: Sirloin steak has the richest Vitamin B2 levels, with 161% more vitamin compared to flank steak.
  • Vitamin B3: Flank steak has a high content of vitamin B3 compared to sirloin steak, with a 30% higher content.
  • Vitamin B6: Sirloin steak wins when it comes to vitamin B6 content, with 15% higher content than flank steak.
  • Vitamin E: Sirloin steak has 39% more vitamin E content than flank steak.

Minerals levels

  • Calcium: Flank steak has twice the amount of calcium as Sirloin steak.
  • Magnesium: Sirloin steak is 17% higher compared to flank steak.
  • Sodium: Sirloin steak has a high sodium mineral content surpassing Flank steak with 505%.
  • Iron: Sirloin steak is richer in iron, surpassing flank steak with 48%.
  • Potassium: The sirloin steak potassium level is high, surpassing flank steak with a 12% level.