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Delicious yogurt

Yogurt is a living being: there are millions of bacteria that form inside the milk and give that delicious taste and texture. So to make this divine elixir, what is needed is to cultivate these bacteria to be played over and over again. This guide will teach you to make yogurt easily and naturally.

make yogurt

Ingredients for making yogurt
We will depart from natural yoghurt without sugar bought in the supermarket, from where we get our first group of bacteria; we will also use milk powder, water and small containers to keep the yogurt.

How to make homemade yogurt
Prepares milk powder with half of the milk required in the instructions, i.e. 2 tablespoons per cup instead of 4; for this recipe will be one liter milk.

Once homogenized, put it in a pot and heat over medium heat until almost boiling (boiling if the recipe will not work). This is identified with a thermometer at 85 degrees Celsius, or when enough steam and start to grow.

Then wait to lower the temperature of the milk to 45 degrees and, if you have no thermometer, put your little finger in the milk will get burnt but perfect when you hold your finger inside. If it burns, you should warm up a little more milk. If it is too hot will kill the bacteria and can not finish the prescription.

Pours milk to 45 degrees in a container and mixed with the yogurt to homogenize it. Fill each container with the mixture, the fuller better. We have already placed a group of bacteria in each glass in an optimal environment for reproduce, so all that remains uncovered containers, as far as possible with clean kitchen towel and place in the oven is off (in a tropical or summer) or in a box filled with paper to maintain the temperature.

Let stand for 7 hours, and then placed in the fridge. Without opening the containers, yogurt will last a week in good condition, and once opened, will last 4 or five days.

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