Restaurant Sant Marti

The restaurant Sant Marti was and still is, one of favorite restaurants in the district of Sant Marti in Barcelona. Sant Marti like for being a restaurant that offers high quality cuisine at moderate prices, not lower.

restaurant Sant Marti

Mediterranean cuisine in this restaurant you can try snacks that are out of normal or good succulent dishes prepared and exquisitely presented.

For those who do not want to spend a lot, there is a menu from Monday to Friday (noon to 11 euros), also offer group menus and always have daily suggestions on their canvas. Some of favorite temptations here are the chupa-chups of cheese with tomato and sesame jam, Iberian ham croquettes, or assortment of meats or cheeses. Continue reading “Restaurant Sant Marti”

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Rita Blue Restaurant

Rita Blue is a Barcelona restaurant you’ll find quiet square of Saint Augustine, in the Raval district of Barcelona. Its location is perfect; you can stroll from Catalunya Plaza in the center of the city. This restaurant, decorated with original and youthful atmosphere, dinners inspired creative international cuisine, which highlights Mediterranean flavors and Mexicans.

Rita Blue Restaurant

This restaurant is open for dinner only, beginning at 08.00 pm and is also a cocktail bar where you can have tasty cocktails until two in the morning (Friday and Saturday until three). The restaurant Rita Blue belongs to the chain Rita. In Barcelona you will also find her brother Rita Rouge, where, apart from being a restaurant, exhibitions of art and occasional concert.

In summer, the restaurant Rita Blue has a nice terrace and in winter you can dine at one of its two floors.It is a perfect restaurant for a group dinner, with friends. The atmosphere is good, the kitchen more than acceptable and can have a drink without even having to leave the premises. Continue reading “Rita Blue Restaurant”

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Xaloc Restaurant, Barcelona

When you decide to do a little the foreigner or spend a morning shopping in Barcelona, where are you going to eat? Just in the fast food restaurant of the moment or do you venture to try a restaurant that probably comes with a menu in English?

Xaloc Restaurant

There is a restaurant where you can eat good, reasonably priced and right in the city center, this Xaloc restaurant. This restaurant is located on a street behind the Cathedral of Barcelona, just meters from the famous Pla├ža del Pi.

Xaloc offers a menu with snacks and dishes prepared with care. You can enjoy cold cuts, cheeses and tasty dishes. This restaurant began as a deli specializing in Iberian hams and over time was transformed into a restaurant offering some homemade tapas and ending interesting restaurant of Iberian tapas and some interesting dishes. Continue reading “Xaloc Restaurant, Barcelona”

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Can Manel restaurant, Barcelona

Can Manel restaurant is located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona; very close to the Sants train station. It is ideal for travelers who are coming or going by train and want to stop and enjoy a good plate of Catalan cuisine.

Can Manel restaurant

Can Manel dishes are cooked traditional Catalan cuisine, from snails to very good sausage gravy can not find elsewhere in Barcelona. This restaurant specializes in grilled meats, snails and calcots, a place where you can enjoy authentic (if you like) of home cooking.

You can ordered some dishes of snacks, with “esqueixada”, snails, salad, etc and second each choose a meat dish. The truth is that from time to time happy eating in a restaurant of the earth, remember those flavors so genuine and pure in the kitchen of a lifetime. Continue reading “Can Manel restaurant, Barcelona”

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Bun Bo Vietnam Restaurant

After strolling through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, on a street behind the Cathedral of Barcelona, restaurant Bun Bo Vietnam, a modern and welcoming restaurant where you can savor Asian delights at very good prices.

Bun Bo Vietnam Restaurant

This Vietnamese restaurant serving Asian specialties is located on a quiet street but in the heart of Barcelona. With its colorful walls and decorative art, the stunning image of Halong Bay, Bun Bo Vietnam invites you to enjoy a well crafted cuisine.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. At noon have a menu of 10 euros and at night you can dine according to the menu (although prices are also moderate). Continue reading “Bun Bo Vietnam Restaurant”

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