Recipes: Moroccan-style chicken

Chicken is a meat that it offers the possibility of being cooked in an almost limitless variety of dishes, as well as being one of the cheapest meat in the market and be within the reach of almost any pocket.

Moroccan style chicken

The recipe we are introducing today is the chicken to the Moroccan style, a recipe that will surprise your guests while adding an exotic touch to your kitchen. Yes, be warned that you must have a somewhat resistant palate to spicy. Continue reading “Recipes: Moroccan-style chicken”

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Recipe: Avocado salad, baked tomatoes and cheese

If there is an indispensable dish in any table during the hot days of summer this is a good salad.

Avocado salad

The salads are the star dishes during the months of summer. Besides being the ideal accompaniment to meats and fish, salads it can also become the perfect lunch or light dinner. One of the strengths of the salads that support many versions, being one of the dishes more recommended experiencing our culinary skills.

The following salad provides a delicate touch of summer by combining avocado with olives, cheese and baked tomatoes. Continue reading “Recipe: Avocado salad, baked tomatoes and cheese”

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