What characteristics should a restaurant kitchen have

For a person who is interested in opening a hospitality business, knowing the characteristics of a restaurant kitchen is essential. The success of a gastronomic establishment comes in part from the distribution of machinery and appliances, the work efficiency of the staff and the organization within the kitchen.

Learning the characteristics of a restaurant kitchen helps you understand the elements that are needed to carry out a good management of the work area. At greater efficiency, the income and popularity of the hospitality industry will always be at their highest points.

restaurant kitchen characteristics

For this reason we have decided to help you in this task by giving you the main characteristics to have a successful kitchen; as well as tips and keys that will allow you to understand the actions to be taken to achieve the objectives you want to achieve. Continue reading “What characteristics should a restaurant kitchen have”

How to make tapioca pearls (bubble tea) at home

Very popular in various Asian cuisines, such as Taiwanese, tapioca pearls are useful for various preparations. Famous, mainly, for its use in the viral bubble tea or boba tea, making them at home is possible.

But first, we must talk about tapioca, an input that perhaps many in the West do not know. It is a starch that is extracted from the cassava roots, a very common tuber in South America that is also found in Africa and Asia.

tapioca pearls

With this element the aforementioned pearls are made, which offer a gelatinous texture and have a size that ranges from five millimeters to one centimeter. For many years they have been well appreciated in the cuisines of India, Taiwan, China and other nearby nations.

In such East Asian countries, the use of starch to make gelatinous preparations has been common for centuries. With the arrival of cassava to these lands thanks to the colonizers, tapioca gained ground as a cheaper and easier option to obtain than others such as sago pearls. The latter, obtained from various types of palm trees. Continue reading “How to make tapioca pearls (bubble tea) at home”

How can I substitute cow’s milk?

If you’ve been looking for ways to substitute cow’s milk and its derivatives in your diet, you’ve come to the right place.

Milk was always part of my daily diet. I drank it alone, in smoothies, or with my beloved morning coffee.

A few years ago I began to have problems digesting lactose and drinking milk makes me feel bad, so I decided to investigate alternatives and substitutes to continue with my eating habits.

plant milks

According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), an estimated 68% of the world’s population has trouble digesting lactose normally.

These data motivated me to write this article to teach how to substitute cow’s milk in your diet. I have included information on derivatives such as yogurt and cheese, but first I will tell you about the substitute for the main source of lactose. Continue reading “How can I substitute cow’s milk?”

How to Keep Things as Comfortable as Possible for Your Patrons and Employees in Coronavirus Times

The pandemic has put everyone’s nerves to the test, and it seems like the situation isn’t going to die down anytime soon. This means that we must all put some effort into adapting to what’s happening, and we must show a bit more understanding towards our fellow humans. A few types of businesses have found themselves in the middle of the crossfire – restaurants perhaps being one of the most striking examples. If you’re running a food place, you’ll definitely need to put some extra thought and effort into ensuring that things remain calm.

Employees in Coronavirus Times

Enforce the Rules When You Have To

Various new rules have arrived to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to dealing with the virus. Some of those rules are up to individual businesses to enforce, and it’s important that you understand them and the implications as a restaurant owner. Make sure that you are aware of these requirements, and don’t be afraid to step in when a customer is acting out of line. Sometimes people need a good reminder that they’re misbehaving, and a figure of authority might be just what they need to see that point. Continue reading “How to Keep Things as Comfortable as Possible for Your Patrons and Employees in Coronavirus Times”

Thomas Keller: Superstar chef in Haute Cuisine

“The mixture of perfection and pleasure” this phrase has represented the trajectory of the chef Thomas Keller who has managed to surprise palates and elevate American haute cuisine to fineness and emotion schemes. The media refer to him as a magician, a purist, a man obsessed with doing better … clearly a well-known “Superstar chef” with numerous books, TV appearances, film advice and many other achievements. But if there is something to highlight about his character, it is his excellent contribution to the gastronomic field that has influenced many with his guidelines and techniques of preparation of dishes, handling of ingredients and assembly art. We will concentrate on that.

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller was born in California, United States. His father worked in the Navy and his mother belonged to the restaurant business. These were the first approaches he had, although at first he did not attract much attention. Sometime later they moved from town and along with that a reasoning of maturity that led him to work in his spare time as a dishwasher in the restaurant of a Yacht Club. Soon he had the opportunity to work as a cook in the same place by performing simple culinary work in the straight line of French cuisine. Continue reading “Thomas Keller: Superstar chef in Haute Cuisine”

Turn some chopsticks into a very easy to use utensil to eat

We want to show you three tricks to turn some chopsticks into a very easy-to-use utensil for eating, since you don’t always control the two chopsticks with your fingers when comes to taking food with them. For children it can be a solution when they start using chopsticks to eat, and for many adults too.

tricks for chopsticks

When you have tried to actively and passively use Chinese chopsticks to eat and it is not achieved, if you do not want to use their traditional cutlery, you can use the chopsticks that are joined by the top and act as if they were a pair of tweezers. Although you can also do something with the classic chopsticks to turn them into tweezers and not have the need to buy some special chopsticks. There are several tricks to turn some chopsticks into tweezers easy to use to eat sushi, noodles, sauteed vegetables and meat, fish… Continue reading “Turn some chopsticks into a very easy to use utensil to eat”

How to bake two pizzas on a single tray

Only one standard-sized pizza fits on a baking sheet or oven rack, but sometimes you have to make several pizzas at the same time for all the diners to take it freshly made. Today we tell you a trick to be able to put two pizzas at once in a tray, this happens by cutting them in half and placing the straight part parallel to the edges of the tray, and the rounded parts will remain inside.

made pizza

It is possible that this weekend at the table of many homes pizzas are served for dinner, because this appreciated way to enjoy an informal meal, many families usually reserve it for Friday or Saturday nights, and also if they are organized dinner with friends. In these cases, it is very common to have to make several pizzas, and the problem is to be able to serve all at once freshly made, sometimes you have to juggle …

Needless to say, our recommendation to enjoy good pizzas with friends or family is to make them yourself, with this, in addition to eating pizzas made with the best ingredients and chosen to taste, being able to make the combinations that you most please, you can spend some time in the kitchen, sharing another activity with those who like to share time.

bake two pizzas

But we are aware that many people buy refrigerated or frozen pizzas that later only have to bake to be able to eat them, if not, they would not be in the market, and although we do not share this choice, we do want to share a trick that can serve you to bring several freshly made pizzas to the table, in the image above you can see how to bake two pizzas on a single tray, and using two trays, you can bake four pizzas at once.

And who says tray, says grid, because when it comes to baking precooked doughs it can be more interesting to make them more crispy. The trick is to cut the pre-cooked pizzas in half so that the parts that have been left with the straight cut, are placed in parallel with the edges of the tray, and the circular parts (the half circles) will be inside the tray.

Depending on the diameter of the pizzas and the size of the tray, this trick will be a solution to bake two pizzas at once or not, the truth is that there are several factors to consider, but the pizzas that are not very large should not give problems, at most, that are minimally mounted between them by the central part.

cutting round food

It is possible that this kitchen trick can be applied to other situations in which you need to get more out of the oven space, can you think of an example? And we also wondered what would have been the first idea of ​​cutting round food to get straight sides, baking the pizza or serving a bologna sandwich without it coming out of the bread, you can see the photo. What is your opinion?

What are the benefits of fish oil?

Fish oils, such as cod liver oil, tuna or salmon, are a nutritional supplement to the most consumed. They are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both considered essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.

fish oil

Among the positive effects on human health, omega-3 fatty acids are well known for their cardioprotective effect and improving cardiovascular health in general. In addition, fish liver oils being also rich in fat – soluble vitamins A and D.

What are omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are fats that can be found in many types of foods, mainly vegetables and marine animals, that human cells need but cannot synthesize, that’s why they are considered an essential nutrient that must be consumed through the diet. Continue reading “What are the benefits of fish oil?”

How to use knife as an experienced chef?

Surely when you watch cooking shows on TV that is currently in fashion, you’ve wondered how the hell the chefs do to handle the knives with that insulting ease. But the truth is that learning to use the knife professionally, like almost everything, depends on two conditions. The first is to know the technique, and the second is practice and work between the stoves.

how to use knife

In this article we will give you some tips to learn how to use the knife like a professional. Take note!

Before using the knife as a chef

Before imitating the professionals and cutting ourselves for not doing things well, let’s prepare. First of all, have a good knife with the best cut and possible balance. Continue reading “How to use knife as an experienced chef?”

Why does ice cream melt?

It is one of the most consumed temptations in the world; I believe that there is no person who does not like a good and smooth ice cream that massages our palate with its delicate flavor. Recipes, tastes and tricks to achieve good results are many, but here we will focus on something so simple to know, which is why it melts and how it loses its texture.

ice cream melt

Ice cream Composition

To understand their behavior well, we must know what is done. From the whole range of possible ingredients and flavors, we will focus on the following elements:

1. Ice crystals

It is the water that freezes; it can come from several foods, both fruit and milk. This element is the main support of the ice cream, since it will determine its texture, consistency and smoothness. The more crystals it has, the harder the ice cream will be, the less it will be softer but less resistant.

So to get a good product, you have to have balance between the ice crystals. But something important we lack, the size of them. Since the more children are (micro crystals), the texture of the ice cream will be softer and silky, but if we achieve larger crystals (macro crystals), it will be a more rough texture and not as pleasant, almost as icy. Continue reading “Why does ice cream melt?”

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