A cafe in Paris, three addresses to try

Ok, it sounds a bit ‘strange that traveling to Paris for a coffee, but in its exotic character, this could be a gastronomically noteworthy now and then to make the espresso machines come everywhere, going to try is a challenge to grasp while turning to Paris.

Kooka Boora

The first address to write down if you’re in the mood for tasting mocha style, and customs to 47 rue de Babylone, a place for connoisseurs in the seventh arrondissement, with waiters/sommelier which help you to orientate yourself in the perception of aromas of fine coffee of maison and various facets of the art of making cappuccino and milk-based drinks, accompaniment? The chocolate banana bread.

Telescope is located at 5 rue Villedo, it is also specialized in fine coffees, with a certain retro flavor in detail though, as two cups in 50 ‘s style. Finally, it is worth a trip to Kooka Boora in Montmartre area at 53 avenue Trudaine, where you can enjoy great-according to critic David Lebovitz – Australian coffee, try it with a juicy slice of carrot cake or even better with the cake, a cake made with coffee.

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