6 essential attributes in a chef

There are components that are essential in the formation of a chef, first are theoretical and practical training, and then generate an attitude of service and responsibility.

Yet only a few are able to stand out above the rest, and beyond that they have better skills is by the way they deal with the business, because once we have reached our peak we want to stay in it and show that no one can move us from our place. Here we share one of the world class chefs given 6 essential attributes that a chef must have:

essential attributes in a chef

Take the job seriously

We work on this because we like it, we love and fills us with joy. But we must not forget that the work entails a liability, and the idea is that we do as the saying of the chefs says: “Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today”. It is that we perform our work at high levels, with constant demand and supervision so that this way it is maintained.

Cleaning and hygiene

A dirty chef is not chef, so simple. Cleanliness and neatness of your workplace, your staff and yourself must remain the most hygienic as possible. Since we drove through the following law: “If the place is not clean, the food won’t taste good”. And excuses are useless when they say that “the dish is rich alike, nobody sees as I cook” one can hide dirt but not his disgusting attitude.

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Establish leadership

The heading chefs need to be leaders, not just give orders. The leadership comes with knowledge, experience and respect. Make it clear to the environment around us that our way of doing things is correct because the results speak for themselves. Be Chief or leader is the paradigm, but all admire someone and we seek that they admire us for our decisions as leaders.

Be stubborn and proud

Here’s something important, the pride of our chef is something difficult to counter, and the stubborn is to remain steadfast in that decision unless no one pass over us. As it is logical! A chef must have character to enforce and prove that doing the right thing, if not: the team of kitchen eats it alive!

And how do you know if we do the right thing? Since our experience and our environment will tell it. The idea is not to develop arrogance or less to be proud. Whenever pride chef will be linked to the humility that he has. But the point is that if we want to achieve or clear to show that we are capable of leading goals, our pride and stubborn attitude must enforce.

Aim to improve skills

A chef never stops learning, our beautiful race is eternal… always learn something new that will allow us to be better. We must constantly look for these situations or ensure that it happens. Be demanding in this will allow us to better ourselves in our daily living.

Search for own perfection

This is the essential development of passion, feeling a strong emotion towards our perfection, but attention! We seek personal perfection, not absolute perfection, as the latter refers to several different opinions and all can interfere (What’s good for me, it may not be to him). If we are good, we know internally how we can be better. The idea is to set goals that we are can overcome without falling into the high ambitions as “To be the best in the world”.

If you have anything about this or already exert it, then continue and share your experience about your achievements. No one is born as a chef, we all grew up in the kitchen and learn from it. If you want to stand out from your peers, your attributes should look.

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