4 bar for Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro

In Rio, where every week there are opportunities to dance or listen to music, or simply usher in the evening for dinner, just to have a chat with friends. Here’s what we recommend in Rio de Janeiro, if we are looking for a bar.

Rio de Janeiro bar

Bar Urca: Rua Candido Gaffree, 205, Urca, since 1939 the best Salgados, perhaps accompanied by a cold beer to enjoy a beautiful sunset, Rio-style.

Caroline Cafe: Rua JJ Seabra 10, Jardim Botanico, perhaps the best known bars in the area, a sort of casual chic bars, where the modern blends street art to the neighborhood.

Live Music @ Balcony: Avenida Atlantica 1424, Copacabana, with live music from 5 and half of the afternoon, special drinks, nightlife, and a wide choice for a dinner with friends.

Cafe del mar: Av Atlantica 1910 – Copacabana , this bar-lounge overlooking the beach, serves wonderful tapas, great for relaxing with his gaze lost in the ocean. Famous Copacabana to keep alive, even on Sundays.

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