What to do with leftover buttercream frosting?

What happens after you make your favorite cake and realize that you still have much buttercream frosting? Naturally, many people probably love getting creating with the leftover buttercream frosting. This article gives you multiple ways to deal with the frosting and make some good stuff. So, ensure that you check out the list of convenient hacks below.

leftover buttercream frosting

Top creative methods of using leftover buttercream frosting

There is so much you can do with your leftover buttercream frosting, including:

Make another cake with buttercream frosting:

Generally, bakers use buttercream frosting to make cake fillings, coat cakes, and decorate cakes. So, if you have leftover buttercream frosting, you can get creative by making another cake.

make cake with buttercream frosting

Try changing the flavor’s color to make the cakes look different. Blend it with other flavors and experiment on various cakes. Continue reading “What to do with leftover buttercream frosting?”