Why do knives get dull?

With time and use, all knives dull. For our guarantee, they are all recoverable. We even know people who haven’t sharpened their knife in 10 years! A quick fix with a manual sharpener gets you out of trouble. To deepen and restore the angle of the edge of the blade, the best are the stones to the water to sharpen knives.

Knives that do not cut have a solution!

There is nothing more frustrating than using knives that don’t cut in the kitchen: you lose time, you lose precision and most importantly, they are dangerous as they can slip and cut you! As you know, the less sharp the knife is, the greater the force you must exert to cut.

In this article we will give you alternatives so that you can carry out a correct periodic sharpening maintenance with professional elements: sharpening stones or professional manual sharpeners that you can use at home.

But let’s start with the most basic question: what factors cause wear on a knife’s edge?

why do knives get dull
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Why do knives get dull?

Kitchen knives become dull or lose their cutting power because wear (due to daily use) causes the initial angle of the edge to be lost. By increasing the contact surface of the knife edge with the food to be cut, friction increases and therefore the force that must be applied for the steel to penetrate the food. It seems like a simple matter, but by knowing the causes, we can act to improve the sharpening life of our kitchen knives.

The starting angle of the cutting edge of a western kitchen knife is usually between 20-25 degrees. With the loss of this angle, the knife will begin to lose cutting power. Continue reading “Why do knives get dull?”